The Sun is the center of our Solar System in more ways than one; life on Earth is created due to the heat produced by the sun and the continued sustenance is also due to its energy-giving heat.

The Solar system

The Sun is the core of the Solar System that includes all the gravitationally controlled bodies like the planets, comets, moons, asteroids etc; the word Solar is derived from the Roman God, Sol and is similar to Helios the Greek god of the Sun.

The Vikings had another theory that forecasted the birth of a daughter to the son and the birth of another luminous body.

It is also supposed to be the centre of the Solar System and influences the movement of all the planets that revolve around it owing to its massive gravitational pull.

Mythology and Astrology

The Sun has been described in Vedic astrology as the soul of every person. In Hindu mythology and astrology, Surya is the god that symbolizes the divine spark in each of us since it happens to be the premier astrological entity in our astrological persona.

It is the representative of our, spirit or consciousness our physical and mental strength and is the integrator of all other planetary entities and is believed to be the light at our center or core.

As the Yang it has its counterpart in the Yin which is the Moon which is quite passive; together they are known as the lights; your relationships are ruled by the aspects between the Sun and the Moon.

A strongly placed Sun in your astrological charts provides the individual with boundless energy and an enlightened vision but there is also the presence of a selfish need for acclaim and recognition from those (like the planets of the Solar System) on whom this light shines.

The Solar effect is that they have a magnetic personality, and an awe-inspiring presence with the tendency to reach positions of authority and they are front rankers in everything they do.

When the Sun is in conjunction with Saturn, it depicts fatherly or authoritative or dominating influences; it may be your father, your mother or senior sibling or even your guru or a guardian whose authority you have experienced in your life.

If adversely placed in your charts, it may give you an arrogant, jealous and mean nature.

In the case of the astrological chart of a female, the Sun represents the personality of the men in her life which depicts her husband mainly but also includes the other authoritative figures. An upright spine is the sign of an upright nature and courage.

In astrology the Sun rules Leo while in the human physique it rules the:

  1. Circulatory System,
  2. The Heart,
  3. Brain,
  4. Lungs,
  5. The spine, and
  6. The Thymus gland.

Diseases due to the influence of the Sun are:

  • Heart Problems,
  • A weak bone structure,
  • Palpitations,
  • Weak eyesight,
  • Headaches,
  • Epilepsy, and


Own sign is Leo.

Own day is Sunday.

Direction is east.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is one month.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is 12 months.

Facial Features are Roundish face with Honey-colored eyes.

Color is Orange.

Friendly Planets are Moon, Jupiter and Mars.

Enemy Planets are Venus and Saturn.

Neutral Planet is Mercury.

Favorable Metals are Copper and Gold.

The Sun and the Yogas formed by it

The ancient science of astrology has been vastly developed in ancient India and a lot of research has been conducted by the Rishis and Sages; these studies have resulted in deep insights based on the combinations of planetary positioning and their effect on the events , happenings and the actions of individuals due to those specific positioning of the planets.

These situations are called Yogas and the nature of their effect varies according to whether it is the Sun with which these Yogas are formed or the Moon or any other specific combination of Planets on the chart.

The important Yogas formed by the Sun in combination with other planets and their mutual positioning are:

  1. Vassi Yoga: This is a Yoga formed when the twelfth house from the position of the Sun is occupied by a planet or planets other than Ketu, Rahu and the Moon; malefic planets give positive results while the reverse is true for benefic ones. The individual will be spiritually inclined, intelligent, charitable and hardworking to the liking of authorities and seniors.
  2. Veshi Yoga: The presence of a planet or planets other than Ketu, Rahu or the Moon in the 2nd house from the Sun forms this Yoga and, here too, the effect of this Yoga being beneficial or derogatory will depend on the planets being malefic or benefic to the Sun. The individual will be a self-made, well-connected, attractive and determined person. He will lead a happy and honest life but will be troubled with financial problems which could be heightened if malefic planets are existing in this Yoga.
  3. Ubhayachari Yoga: This Yoga is formed when there is a planet on both sides of the Sun but Ketu, Rahu and Moon are not involved. Benefic planets will make the individual resourceful, pleasant and highly educated while malefic planets will reduce the good effects of this Yoga.

Sun depicts the power and charisma of an individual. A spark which illuminates the overall personality.