Magnified Healing

This modality was introduced in 1983 as a fifth dimensional frequency vibration healing. It focuses on activating the DNA strands, removal of negative karma as well as balancing the emotions of an individual. This healing takes place with the blessings of Buddhist Goddess ”Mother Kwan Yin” and works on the root level of any physical, mental or emotional issues and provides effective relief. It also accentuates the quality of life; mind set and leads the individual to a state of complete harmony.

Since magnified healing energy is considered to be a feminine and soft energy, it helps you to connect with the wisdom of your inner self and helps you to attain stability at all levels of your life. It opens up your heart and fills you with love and compassion. It taps your infinite potential of creativity and also helps you to prepare the light body for ascension.

The known benefits of this system range from healthy nervous system, a curious, creative and enthusiastic mind, substantial increase in energy and protection from day to day ailments. It is very beneficial for female related health issues.

Some benefits of Magnified healings are
● Helps in Activating DNA.
● Helps in removing Emotional Blockages.
● Strengthen the immune system and soothe the nervous system.
● Speed up the spiritual journey.
● Helps in curing neurological issues like Depression, Anger and Anxiety etc.
● Helps in healing physical body.


Hemant Pasrija
Reiki Paradise
Rohini Sector – 7, Delhi



Mon-Sun, 9:30AM – 5:30PM

Reiki Paradise is a Healers sanctum, holding the vintage of 9 years and providing the most divine and effective healing solutions for one’s problems. These healers are fairly equipped to heal various issues ranging from physical illness, emotional problems, relationship problems, financial problems as well as psychic issues in the most immaculate and safest way .