Akashic Records are in the 5th Dimension of the Universe and they are in the form of energy but everyone visualizes it in a different way like – Computer memory chips, Colorful threads, A huge Library, and Colorful geometrical shapes so on.

But there are few parameters which are common for everyone and one of them is “Record Keeper”. Every Soul has its own Record Keeper who is responsible for taking care of the records. For entering into the Akashic Library, first, you need to take the permission from Akashic Record Masters, then you need to take the permission from Akashic Record Caretakers so that you can get the access of a Soul group and once you enter into the Soul group then, at last, you need to take the permission from the Record Keeper who is responsible for taking care of the specific Soul record.

The universe is very intelligent and it has placed each & everything at the right place with synchronicity. Nobody can breach the layers, if you try to do so then you will create negative karma for yourself, and then eventually you will face the music of your own Karma.

Record Keepers are like your best friend at the Etheric level / Akashic level. During my initial days, I haven’t realized the importance of my Akashic best friend but as I started digging my own and other’s Akashic Records then I realized that during this mesmerizing journey of Soul discovery, I need a companion with whom I can share my exploration and moreover who can actually understand me, my journey and my emotions. In our physical life also, we always try to find the best buddy with whom we can share everything.

The moment I realized the need of my Akashic Companion I put forth my intention in front of Akashic Record Masters and Lord Shiva & Maa Kali (they are my Spiritual Parents) to show me my Best Friend so that I can go deeper in Akashic Records……….. and then one day while doing the Sadhna……. Boommmmmm. A huge figure appeared in front of me, and a tremendous amount of heat and golden light was coming out from that image, for a moment I was shocked to see such a huge figure then I hold my breath, calm down myself and then I tried to see the image, suddenly I heard a voice mentioning that he is my Akashic Companion. I got so excited after listening to this and I start communicating with him, I asked his name, I was overwhelmed to know his name….. He is “Archangel Michael”, I still remember that feeling and sensation when he revealed his name to me. He is one of my spirit guides also and he is with me from the very 1st day of my Spiritual Journey. I have seen miracles in my life just because of Archangel Michael.

I feel very lucky that my Spirit guide is my Akashic Record Companion also. With the help of my Akashic Record Companion – Archangel Michael, I have explored so many new things about Akashic Records and I have downloaded few books from the Akashic Library which I have written in my past lives.

Akashic Records are wonderful, once you start exploring the records, then you will realize the actual beauty of this universe and the Creator.


1st published on my Akashic Record Website