Angelic Healings

Angels are energy light being that is not human or animal. These are divine spiritual beings made of white light and pure unconditional love that vibrate at a very high frequency, have infinite powers and are very close to God. In many cases they act as Divine messengers. Angels are here to help us shift and change but they need to be invited to help in order to do so. They are always there emotionally supporting us and giving messages but it is not until we ask for their help that they are allowed to step in and intervene in our lives. The more we receive help from them, the more we can help others so we can ask for as much help as we want and watch our lives and the world transform.

We have different angels for different purposes and each one of them helps in manifesting our desires and clearing the obstacles in the path that restrict us in reaching out to our goals and vision.

The Angelic Healing modality works on the basis of attuning oneself to the frequency of the angelic realm and then call upon the energy of the divine Angels to flow through the angelic healer to the healed. This loving energy provides myriad of health benefits, stabilizes mental and emotional condition, as well as raises the vibrational frequency of the individual. A strengthened connection with angels makes our belief stronger that all our desires can be manifested with their kind support, thus creating magical experiences. This therapy develops intuition and a strong sixth sense. The modality is very helpful in chaotic situations, severe medical cases, emotional traumas and lack of growth and abundance in life. Every Session invokes experiences that lead to peace, calmness and a blissful state of spiritual high.


Hemant Pasrija
Reiki Paradise
Rohini Sector – 7, Delhi



Mon-Sun, 9:30AM – 5:30PM

Reiki Paradise is a Healers sanctum, holding the vintage of 9 years and providing the most divine and effective healing solutions for one’s problems. These healers are fairly equipped to heal various issues ranging from physical illness, emotional problems, relationship problems, financial problems as well as psychic issues in the most immaculate and safest way .