Emotional Freedom Technique

Every human being is blessed with the capacity to think, speak and feel. At the same time an individual can have different emotions like love, hate, jealousy, compassion etc and these emotions triggers our actions and those actions creates our mental state which directly impact the life of an individual.

Emotions set human beings apart from other creatures in this world, and the best part about them is that they can express and control their emotions. The expression of emotions is also an art which is in humans only but unfortunately all humans are not talented enough to modulate their emotions. Some people are very impatient and they react on small-2 things instantly without even thinking about the impact of their words and due to which they hurt their loved ones.

It is now scientifically proved also that the core reason or you can say the trigger point of every emotional, mental and physical disease is emotional imbalance. Let’s understand this by an example.

Thyroid is one of the most common problems in females. Specially in Indian society females are suppressed by parents, siblings, society, husband etc at the different-2 level due to which they start suppressing their emotions and they hesitate to show their desires This suppression affects the functionality of throat chakra and thyroid gland which eventually results in Thyroid. In the similar manner there are so many other diseases which are caused due to emotional Imbalancing.

As the name suggest Emotional Freedom technique is a technique which is specifically designed to get rid of negative emotions. Mr. Gary Craig has identified some trigger points in human body which can help in getting rid of emotional garbage. I this unique technique patient is supposed to do tapping on approx 10 different areas of Face, Neck and Palms. The main idea behind this tapping technique to enhance the awareness of the body so that body can automatically start generating healthy chemicals in the body which helps in achieving the state of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. It is very effective in removing fears, phobias, anxiety etc.

Benefits of EFT

  • It helps in handling psychological problems.
  • It helps in dealing emotional breakdown.
  • It helps in reduction from fears.
  • Relief from insomnia.
  • Helps in improving digestion.
  • Helps in increasing memory and much more


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