Reiki Paradise

Reiki Paradise is a Healer’s sanctum, holding the vintage since 9 years and providing immensely effective healing solutions for various problems and challenges. The healers here are equipped with tools of divinity to deal with multiple issues related to physical illness, emotions, relationships, and finance as well as psychic issues in the most impeccable and safest way. We embody a mix of experienced, both fulltime and freelance healers who ensure the best healing experiences while maintaining strict confidentiality and professionalism to the highest standards. The healing sessions are lifetime experiences comprising of the most reliable healing modalities like Reiki Healing, Kundalini Reiki Healing, Magnified Healing, Lama Fera Healing, Angelic Healing, Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Meditations. These healings not only offer a self-loving retreat, indeed they also help in raising the vibrational frequency of the concerned person by removing the blockages that lead to disorders and illnesses thereby aiding in realizing the true purpose of life. Our services can be provided both at our centre as well as client’s place as per the need.

Besides the custom made counselling and healing sessions, Reiki Paradise also boasts of an array of workshops through which every individual can invoke the healing abilities within and realize the true power of their soul and body.

At Reiki Paradise, we adhere to believe in incorporating the most effective and reliable healing sciences and continue offering new healing modalities as the most distinctive service to our clients.

We take this opportunity to invite you to our centre to experience the life changing and ground-breaking sessions.

Why Reiki Paradise?

  • We are a sanctum of experienced and progressive healers who hold the expertise of handling critical cases effectively. Our proven track record and testimonials indicate our credibility and tremendous customer experiences.
  • We have experiential expertise in dealing with psychic cases related to darker energies, negative spirits.
  • A collection of unique and cost effective services, certain modalities practiced by us are latest and conducted by a handful of healers across PAN INDIA.
  • Before commencement of any healing, we provide extensive counselling to consider all the implications underlying the root cause. If required we also combine a mix of various healing modalities to deal with the situation.
  • We offer several options of meticulously customised services as per the requirement and convenience at your doorstep.


Hemant Pasrija
Reiki Paradise
Rohini Sector – 7, Delhi



Mon-Sun, 9:30AM – 5:30PM

Reiki Paradise is a Healers sanctum, holding the vintage of 9 years and providing the most divine and effective healing solutions for one’s problems. These healers are fairly equipped to heal various issues ranging from physical illness, emotional problems, relationship problems, financial problems as well as psychic issues in the most immaculate and safest way .