‘I am becoming the best version of myself’…

Healing like forgiveness is a gradual process; it requires both time and courage. Natural healing methods have been used for thousands of years to cure your body of pain and discomfort. A variety of natural healing processes have been used effectively without side effects, to promote healing in several ways.

Healing modalities are therapeutic techniques that balance the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Ancient healing modalities also referred to as “alternative medicines”, can act as a stimulant for significant changes and transformations in your life. Excessive stress and work pressure can actually disturb the essential elements required for a well-balanced life including adequate sleep, nutritious food, physical activity, and exercise. While all these are essentials of your holistic well-being, disturbing any one of these can affect your overall peace.

One such healing modality was channeled by shiv bhakt Hemant Pasrija from Bhagwan Mahamritunjaya himself. A bona fide reiki practitioner Hemant used to ponder over the hardships of humanity and strived to find ways of healing them. Glorified were the ghats of Maa Ganga in Rishikesh where master Hemant meditated ardently, praying to the all-mighty Lord Shiva. Bhagwan blessed him with a powerful modality and bestowed upon him the responsibility to spread this divine knowledge to the world.

The supreme power chooses his mavens and gives them the authority to heal distressed people. And so, Master Hemant Pasrija along with co-channeler Suryaja Gupta has received the task of Bhagwan Mahamritunjaya Healing from the lord himself.

The master creator of BHM, Hemant is the sole creator and master of this unique and powerful modality. Master Hemant has been since then working on the dispersal of this supreme knowledge and wisdom so that more and more people get empowered by it. The sole aim of this healing modality is to endorse people with a healthy physical and life force body. Master Hemant has already attuned more than 300 students to this powerful healing modality. He has trained them to empower themselves with the goodness and infinite benefits of this divine grace.

A unique healing modality, BMH works on the principle of ‘divine healing sheets’. The healing sheet enables healers to receive the divine grace of Bhagwan Mahamritunjaya. The functionality of the healing modality, BMH is explained in simple expressions as under-

Levels of Bhagwan Mahamritunjaya Healing:

The divine healing cures at two levels:

The inner body healing and the outer body healing.

  • The inner body composed of all your internal organs and organ systems is cured of their ailments miraculously by the power of BMH. We invoke the inner body divine healing sheet to heal our inner body. Our lifestyle disorders induced by physical and mental stress respond positively to this healing modality. The tiny cells, tissues, blood, veins, muscles, and various endocrine glands, also the circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, and digestive system is cured by invoking the inner body DHS.

  • Our outer physical body ailments are cured similarly by invoking the outer body divine healing sheet. Contemporary man is a bundle of pains and physical ailments; joint pains, arthritis, migraine pain, infections, and so on.

By invoking the divine healing sheets, we can heal a body at two levels; inner and outer. The whole process of healing is hastened with these healing sheets. Our complex problems and issues related to health and lifestyle start getting healed faster. Such is the power of DHS and the divine grace of Bhagwan Mahamritunjaya.

Healing Process

• self- healing-

True healing begins with self… with such thoughts and actions in mind, BMH can be practiced on self with promising results. DHS is invoked for self, inner and outer healing, to ease pain and discomfort from your physical body.

• Healing others-

Working with the aim to spread this divine healing to the whole world, this healing can be given to others, whether they are directly in touch with you or far away in a distant land. Thus, BMH can be given in two different ways-

Direct healing – Given to the person in direct contact with you. Healing can be transferred directly to the person in touch with you.

Distance healing– For the people to whom you cannot actually reach out, distance healing is an equally effective tool of BMH. Sufferers can be anywhere in the world. You can send him the divine healing sheets through techniques of distance healing. May be surprising but it’s true that distance healing is a more powerful technique.

What is the core purpose of BMH-

BMH is a comprehensive healing modality that has a vast scope in the physical and conscious healing of self and others. An empowering modality, BMH is effective in healing several areas-

• Helps in releasing physical pains and discomfort like arthritis, joint pains, migraines, and so on. It also heals issues related to the nervous system like anxiety, depression, and more. Internal organs and systems can also be effectively cured with BMH. Lifestyle disorders like BP, high blood sugar, PCOD, and fibroids show a positive response to healing.

Amazing testimonials from people who have benefited from this healing modality will leave you astonished.

#A young girl who was dejected by ineffective medical treatment for her fibroids, received BMH from master Hemant to get almost 70% cured. Such miraculous healing is the result of this immensely powerful healing modality.

#In the case of a patient getting freedom from her severe migraine pain that she carried for years; the healing worked powerfully and effectively to cure her.

# A lady was cured 90% of her sinus problem with this magical healing modality.

•BMH helps in attaining a higher level of consciousness about your physical and emotional body. We achieve complete physical awareness and emotional awareness. This makes us conscious human being who is in harmony with the natural environment and this universe as a whole.

•BMH gives an impetus to our life force energies through its magical effects. Feeling lethargic in our activities and feeling low emotionally is a signal of low life force energies. An all-time effective solution to this is the Bhagwan Mahamritunjaya Healing.

This healing modality is extremely powerful, one can experience its uniqueness and immense power during the workshop itself and regular practice of BMH can bring significant changes in your life.

Learn this healing modality and become a healthy version of yourself.