Our world is full of hidden treasures that require skill, practice, experience, and a lot of patience to unlock. We are not talking about the gold or diamonds here, we are discussing the jewel far more valuable than these physical items. We are talking about Shamanism.

Shamanism is a belief, a practice that has changed the way we think. Today, humans are surrounded by countless distractions. The patience, will, determination, everything has been lost. But one can achieve anything with the Shamanic Journey. It sounds easy, right? 

Well, Shamanism is one of the most difficult religious practices but once you achieve that trait, there is nothing impossible.

What Actually is a Shamanic Journey?

A Shamanic Journey is basically a guide to find internal peace. It is said that it is a practice to communicate with the spirits around the world. It is an art to meditate and communicate with the Spirit of Mother Earth, Animals, Birds, or your ancestors to solve the unsolved. It will help you to find the meaning of life. Everything you need to know, every single question you have in mind can be answered through this journey. Shamanism is a healing process that can change your perspective about life. Now you might be wondering, what is a Healing Process

Well, our Medical Technology has magnificently developed over the past few decades. Doctors have made sure to cure every disease possible. But still, there is no medicine that can heal your mind. That’s where the healing process changes the outcome. 

Still confused? Don’t worry, let’s clear it out. Most people misunderstood Meditation as Shamanic Journey. Of course, there are similarities between the two but the outcome is different. Meditation is basically being aware and focused at just one point by eliminating all the thoughts from the mind. But Shamanic Journey leads to a path in the subconscious mind. You travel along with your mind. Still not getting it? Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why Shamanism?

The world is surrounded by negative energies. This 21st century surely has changed the lifestyle of humans with advanced technology but we have moved away from peace, happiness, and positivity. Shamanism brings that light back to you. The spark that can penetrate any negativity around. Not only our mental health, but Shamanism has the potential to cure physical health also.

If you are a Marvel Fan, you must have watched the movie, Doctor Strange. The story is about how a person met with an accident and damaged his hand bones. But still, get recovered with some powers. The concept behind that plot was related to shamanism i.e to find the inner self. Shamanism is a journey, but the destination is you.

How to Complete Shamanic Journey?

You must have known about the monks who practice methodical discipline to attain eternal knowledge. They used to go far away from crowded places in the mountains to worship. It is because these religious practices can only be accomplished in peace. It is easy to establish a connection with the Spirit of Mother of Earth and animals etc in a peaceful atmosphere as in peace it is easy to go into a deep trans state. Though it can be done in a crowded place also, it is not advisable. 

If you are willing to complete the Shamanic Journey, you need a guide or ‘Shaman’. A Shaman is someone who has learned the art of establishing a connection with the Spirit of Mother Earth and with the Spirit of Animal guides. To find the answers, the most difficult thing you need to do is to leave everything behind. You need to clear all the thoughts you carry in your mind to attain peace.

What Differences Can You Feel After Shamanic Journey?

A shamanic Journey can totally change your life. The major change you will see in yourself is discipline and peace. Once you complete this amazing journey, you will be more aware and responsible towards nature. You will feel the noises around you more soothing and a positive aura will spread around you. A regular shamanic practice will give you more strength & wisdom and you will experience a visible change in your personality and in your thought process.

In our Hindu Mythology, there is a lot of discussion on the Positive aura and how it can spread positivity to others as well. It is truly believed that if you spread positive vibes around you, the universe reflects it back and good things happen around you and vice versa. Some also believe that a Shaman is responsible for taking the dead souls to the other end. Well, we will discuss it some other time in detail. 


There is a lot to discuss about Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey. If you feel negative all the time, you have no patience left, no hope left, you are trying to find some answers or internal peace, you should practice Shamanism. Earlier, only people above 50-60 years of age used to practice Shamanism. But it is really amazing to see that our youth is taking equal interest in religious beliefs.

It is not only religious mythology but it is scientifically researched also. You can even find Shamanic music that will help you during this journey. One can still fight physical challenges but fighting with your own mind is something Shamanism is. But once you master your conscious and subconscious mind, you will feel immense power inside you. 


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