Every Soul has its own Unique records and they are their exclusive property. Except for the Creator, no one can enter into their property without taking permission. Akashic Records are like your personnel diary wherein you write about your emotions, relationships, experiences, and some “top secrets” which you don’t want to reveal and you hide your dairy so that no one can find that.

Every country has its rules and regulations which every citizen of that country has to abide by, in the same manner, the Universe also has its own rules & regulations which are called as “Laws of the Universe”. Every Soul has to follow these rules else the universe has its way of balancing the Karmic accounts. One of the most important laws that need to be taken into consideration while accessing the Akashic Record is the “Law of Free Will”.

Law of Free Will states that every soul decides its purpose, people, and medium to learn the lessons and it has the full right to choose its journey. Without the conscious permission of a Soul, you should not enter into his/her personnel space. You need to be compassionate and non-judgmental while taking permission from the other Soul to access his/her personnel space.

In the same way, while doing Akashic Readings also should take conscious permission from the Soul of the person so that the Soul opens the door of the Akashic Records. If you forcefully try to enter into the Akashic Records, then to mislead you the Soul might create a Shell or a Negative mirror image, and then you will get incorrect readings and that readings will not resonate with the client’s life because you are accessing the negative mirror image.

In my Akashic Record Readings, I always take permission at 2 levels – Conscious and Subconscious. Consciously client permits me and at the subconscious level, I establish a Divine Connection with the Soul and then I take the permission because I believe that Soul is the ultimate owner of the records, current physical body is just the handler. If you take the permission from the Soul also, then your readings will be more accurate and you can easily download the solutions from the Akashic Records itself.

Handle the Akashic Records like Fragile items and don’t become judgemental while doing the readings, always remember that you are just an interpreter, nothing more than that.