Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Record is a database in the form of an energetic field and it is stored at the fifth dimension of the universal existence. Every soul has its own personal record that contains every emotion, action, thought, memories etc. These records store our past, present and future and by accessing these records one can identify the core reasons of the sorrow and anguish in their current life and accordingly can take corrective measures.

This is an intensive workshop in which a student gets an in-depth knowledge (Theoretical as well as hands-on) about various aspects of a soul’s journey and the techniques to access their own and other’s Akashic Records.

The course is taught in two levels


Akashic Record Practitioner Workshop 

Akashic Records holds the truth of your soul and its creation story through all dimensions, planes, and times. From the 1st incarnation of your soul till the time it reunites with the creator, this energy field called as “Akashic Records” stores each and every moment, experience, and emotions.

Akashic Record is also called the Book of Knowledge, or the Book of Life. Akashic records hold infinite records and memory. Your Akashic Record, documents your entire Soul journey, your karmas, lessons to be learned, your destiny; your divine gifts and talents, blockages, any form of negative energies; past, present, parallel, and future existences; and much more.

This intensive Akashic Record workshop will help you to understand your journey in a much deeper way and after this workshop, you will become Certified Akashic Record Reader.

Course Content
  • What are Akashic Records?
  • Details about Akasha Elements.
  • Why Records are important?
  • Details about the different methods of Accessing Akashic Records?
  • Meditation to Channelize the energies to access Akashic Records.
  • Precautions while Accessing the Records of Self & Others.
  • How to Access Akashic Records?
  • How to identify your Soul Profile
      • Soul Energy.
      • Soul Type.
      • Soul Color.
      • Soul Shell.
  • How to identify your Innate Soul Personality
      • Primary Energy Center.
      • Soul Group.
      • Soul Vibration.
      • Physical History/Personality.
      • Spiritual School of Thoughts.
      • Divine Connection Point.
      • Number of Spirit Guides.
      • Energies of Spirit Guides.
      • Negative Guides.
  • How to identify your Past Life Issues which are impacting your journey?
      • Past Life Karma.
      • Financial Karma.
      • Relationship Karma.
      • Health Karma.
      • Curses/Vows/Spell/Pact.
      • Influence of Negative Energies.
      • Past life Black Magic, Entities, etc.
  • How to identify Current Life Issues?
      • Soul Purpose.
      • Soul Connections & Contracts.
      • Negative Thoughts/Anger Spears.
      • Curses/Vows/Spell/Pact.
      • Black Magic, Entities, etc.
      • Unjustified Karma/Karmic Lessons.
  • Future Reading
      • Financials.
      • Relationships.
      • Health.
  • Remedies in the form of Prayers.
  • How to Create a Summary?
  • How to Close the records?
  • How to Conduct a Counselling Session?
  • FAQ

“Explore the Unexplored part of your Soul”

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Akashic Record Advanced Level

The advanced level of Akashic record primarily focuses on healing of the Akashic Records. Apart from healing one can also learn the unthought-of part of the soul’s journey.

Advanced level is designed in a way to enable students to attain maximum knowledge about the different dimensions of our universe, reasons about emotional trauma including miscarriage, abortions etc.

This level is not only interesting but also a brain teaser. It can only be done on completion of the basic level and after doing atleast 10 Akashic Record readings.

Course Outline

  • How soul chooses its name and soulmates.
  • Identify the reasons for Suicide & Murder.
  • Reasons for Abortion, Miscarriage and delayed conceiving.
  • Healing of Akashic Records.

Advance level is a Two day workshop (Offline / Personal) and 4 days workshop (Online).


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