Angel Therapy

Angels are divine light beings that are mentioned in almost every religion by different names. These loving and compassionate light beings are Messengers of God and help us in our daily humdrum of life. One can seek the help of Angels and Archangels for dealing with their challenges like relationship issues, professional issues & health issues, to know about the spiritual journey and much more.

The Angel Therapy course consists of two levels.Angel Therapy Basic Level

This level primarily focuses on establishing connection with the Divine Light beings so that one can seek their help as and when required. The basic level equips the student with an opportunity to sense the presence of Angels & Archangels through different Angelic rituals, prayers and deep meditation exercises.Course Outline

  • Details about Angels & Archangels.
  • Zodiac Signs, Colors, Crystals associated with Archangels.
  • Angel Invocations & Prayers.
  • Identification of Angelic Name.
  • Identification of Soul Purpose.
  • Automatic Writing.
  • Name Reading.
  • Angel Card Readings.
  • Angelic Prayers

Angel Therapy basic level is Two days workshop (Offline / Personal)

Masters in Angelic Ritual

This workshop is meant for Angelic Prayers, Invocations and Rituals. Here the students learn 25 different types of Angelic Invocations, prayers and rituals. The energies and vibrations that emanate out of this workshop is extremely high and it immediately enhances the awareness and vibrations of the student.

Course Outline

  • Angelic Prayers – Archangel Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Angels of Karma, Angels of Chakras and many more.
  • Sword Banishing Ritual.
  • Ritual to Remove Curses.
  • Ritual to Protect Job.
  • Magical Cash Book.
  • Rituals to manifest wishes.
  • Candles Ritual.
  • Forgiveness Prayer.
  • Meditation for Clairvoyance.

Maters in Angelic Ritual is a Two day workshop (Offline / Personal)


Hemant Pasrija
Reiki Paradise
Rohini Sector – 7, Delhi



Mon-Sun, 9:30AM – 5:30PM

Reiki Paradise is a Healers sanctum, holding the vintage of 9 years and providing the most divine and effective healing solutions for one’s problems. These healers are fairly equipped to heal various issues ranging from physical illness, emotional problems, relationship problems, financial problems as well as psychic issues in the most immaculate and safest way .