Among the planets that are visible to us with the naked eye, Saturn happens to be the last although, on a clear day, Uranus is also known to be visible occasionally. This makes it represent the limits of our limitations in:

  1. The distance that our eyes can see,
  2. The body (mainly the Skin), and
  3. The personal actions that we may undertake (the law keeper of Karma).

Saturn is the lord of your karma since it gives back to you according to:

  • What you have done or not done,
  • What you may have done right or wrong or deceitfully, or
  • What you sowed and you will now reap.

As far as Karma is concerned, Saturn is said to be the guardian of the doors of the heavens therefore to reach a superior state of consciousness (represented by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), you need to pass through the rings of the judgment (of Saturn) of your Karma.

Thus, as the Karmic judge, Saturn does not allow you to attain higher consciousness unless your karma in your personal history is right.


Saturn has a unique quality that its movement is quite slow in so much as it occupies each zodiac sign for about two and a half year; this attribute is due to its great distance from the Earth but it is visible due to its massive size.

Saturn is a cold and dry planet and represents aged people; he was born to Chhaya and Lord Surya but does not have cordial relations with his father.

In fact, astrologically speaking, Saturn is malefic in nature but the favorable placement on the astrological chart provides an abundance of status, fame and prosperity.

But, its adverse placement on a native’s chart can be the factor responsible for:

  • Losses,
  • Sorrow,
  • Misery,
  • Accidents,
  • Persistent hurdles,

Longevity is provided by Lord Shani if placed reasonably in a native horoscope.

Saturn symbolizes:

  • Karma,
  • Tests and
  • Teachers and school,
  • Discipline,
  • Responsibilities,
  • Obligations,
  • Father,
  • Old age,
  • Delays,
  • Consolidation,
  • Ambitions

In the physical body, it controls the following parts:

  • The skin,
  • The bones, all the large bones in the body are under its control,
  • The teeth

In the physical body it rules the skin, bones, teeth, knees and ears.

Above all, Saturn who is represented numerically by the numeral 8 is not only a teacher who teaches and punishes a student according to his performance and deeds.

No wonder he is a strict and discipline-enforcing planet and is particularly harsh against those that are erratic in their conduct; it is also known that Saturn gives severe and long-lasting diseases which are quite troublesome at times.

Lord of justice

Saturn in its role as a justifier also makes you work hard to achieve what you strive for since it keeps testing your tenacity and discipline; learned scholars interpret it as a testing time for you. The positions depicted in your chart indicate the lessons that you have to take to fulfill your responsibilities and gain rewards.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn where it provides power and responsibility if it is not afflicted; it being exalted in Libra which is the zodiac sign for cooperation, union and marriage. When it enters Aries, it is known to purge energy and makes a native selfish to the core. All the items on or below the surface of the Earth are under the control of Saturn, particularly Iron and other mining items.

A person facing hardships in Mars turns towards dacoit and thefts but in Saturn, it is spiritual matters and soul searching that is done by the native undergoing hardships.

Own day is Saturday.Own signs (Rashi) are Aquarius and Capricorn.

Direction is West.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is two and a half year.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is days.

Special Features Hurdles,

Color is Blue.

Friendly Planets Rahu, Venus, Mercury

Enemy Planets are Mars, Sun and Moon.

Neutral Planet is Jupiter.

Exalted in Libra.

Debilitated in Aries.

Favorable Metals is Iron .

Precious Stone is Blue Saphire.

If well placed it gives status, wealth, Land.

If adversely placed it gives arrogance and poverty.

Represents Elderly, servants, seniors.

Body parts ruled legs and nervous system.