It is stated that Venus and Mars display qualities that are diagonally opposite to each other but the similarities between them are too many and too identical to ignore; in fact, scientists conducting high level of research into the history, atmosphere and evolution of Mars and Venus call them identical twins.

The observation of the atmospheres of both Mars and Venus exposes the fact that the atmospheres of these planets are being eroded and stripped away into space. This also gives rise to the belief that mars might have supported life somewhere in the past.


Mars is the red planet and these are the attributes of a masculine planet in all his fury; it symbolizes confidence and courage. For the choice of an occupation, Mars represents the martial nature of the native and it is connected to The Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, Builders and Engineers. Militancy and Marketing are also under the influence of Mars.

A short tempered and argumentative nature is the common trait of Mars; when in ascendancy, it provides a younger look, administrative and operational skills.

Whenever Mars is malefic, it provides huge advantages to those natives whose ascendants are Cancer and Leo; this condition is called Yogakaraka.

Also, since Mars rules Scorpio and Aries signs, under its influence, Leo Scorpio natives develop secretive aggression while Aries natives display open aggression.

While controlling passion Mars gives rise to a high level of sexual urges; it is also a very significant hindrance or delaying factor on the marriage of Manglik natives. The importance of matching the horoscopes of the would-be bride and bridegroom is of supreme importance since, if not detected, the mangal dosha may result in marital discord, arguments and fights and may even result in divorce or separation. In severe cases, one of the persons in matrimony may die due to its influence.

The representative of Mars is Fire and Mars functions as the defender of the Solar System. Mars is also a hot planet providing energy that is highly destructive; its influence causes wars, accidents and natural calamities that is why they call it a malefic planet.

The two planets are seen to be similar in their passion and sensuality but, while Venus is the epitome of unification through love and attraction, the influence of Mars has the effect of dispersing, separating and dividing all.

In effect, Mars is the representative of the forceful and divisive ego of the self, demanding and fighting for rights and asserting your selfish individuality.

Mars symbolizes the Chi and represents the potent sexual organs, not the sexual energy alone; it depicts:

  • Your active energy and drive,
  • How you obtain what you want?
  • Your motivations,
  • Your ego,
  • Your initiatives, survival, courage and conflicts,
  • Your competitions and goals, and
  • Your sexual urges, whims and fancies.

It is simply the force behind your feelings and their expressions that are collectively called passion.

In the physical form, it controls and regulates:

  • The nose,
  • The male genitals or ling,
  • The musculature, and
  • Red blood Corpuscles.

In your astrological chart, the house containing Mars is where all the action is and where your energy is processed; this is also the point where you will find all the unfinished business with regards to discord, strife and tensions.

In the female chart, it will denote the perception that she has of the male sexuality.

Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and Aries which are opposite to Taurus and Libra, the signs ruled by Venus; thus, the relationship between Venus and Mars on your chart will decide as to what your urges, responses and instincts will be towards the opposite sex as also when you will expose your aggression or passivity.

With Mars, the matter means more than the spirit and carnal desires take ascendency over intellectual aspirations; this depicted in the old symbol for Mars. Here, the need to be an assertive individual is more important than being cooperative and societal.


A retrograde mars is seen in one out of every ten charts; it also remains retrograde eleven weeks out of every 25.5 months which translates into about 9.5% of the time. The retrograde position is indicated by an Rx sign against it in your chart. This retrograde aspect is rarer only in Venus with it being retrograde 7% of the time. Retrograde position of Mars has a devastating effect since the energy to achieve is missing and frequent delays are experienced.

Those natives whose Mars is retrograde should concentrate inwards and derive proper conclusions by repeating their actions to get a proper insight; a classic example can be found in Freud the great philosopher who dedicated his whole life to internal analysis. His Mars was retrograde.

Own sign (Rashis) are Scorpio and Aries .

Own day is Tuesday.

Direction is South.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is 45 days.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is One and a half years (approx).

Facial Features are resentful.

Color is Red.

Friendly Planets are Sun, Jupiter and Moon.

Enemy Planets are

Neutral Planets are Venus and Mercury.

Exalted in Capricorn.

Debilitated in Cancer.

Favorable Metals is Copper.

Precious Stone is Red Coral.

If well placed it gives high position, Wealth and prosperity.

If adversely placed it provides Jealous and arrogant nature.

Diseases given by Mars Restless nature, Tension and Blood problems.