Humans are not alone in this world. The planet is a living organism and many traditional cultures recognize that all spaces are permeated by awareness and energy. In this universe everything is made up of energy even our human body. There are two kinds of energies in this universe, the positive energy force which we call as “GOD” and the negative energy force which is called as the “Devil”. Both these energies do exist in this universe and this fact will remain unchanged whether we accept it or not. There are so many people who don’t believe in the existence of these negative entities or spirits. But they believe in the existence of GOD, inspite of the fact that they have never seen or felt God’s presence.

These Negative energies exists in so many different forms like spirits, black magic, tantra done by a tantric, evil eye, through wodoo and so on. These darker energies are very powerful and can create a major turbulence in an individual’s life and at times it really becomes difficult to come out of all those problems. People who are under the influence of these energies frequently face low energies, body pains, illness, depression, financial blockages and frequent deterioration in their health.

These days everyone is impatient and wants to get the results instantly. In order to achieve success they are willing to do anything unethical. During the last 22 months of my spiritual career, I have seen a lot of cases where people have opted for black magic activities with their aims to achieve love, fame, wealth and other things in their life. Instead of positive ways to achieve their desires, at times people get their results instantly but those gains are helpful for short term periods and these negative activities subsequently have negative impacts. To take revenge from others, some people do use these negative energies and others use these negative energies to attain powers in their lives. I have seen in some cases that these black magic, spirits etc come from past lives of people, like we carry forward our past life karmas in this life, in same manner some people do carry forward these forces in their current life also.

With the help of divine energies, healings, chantings and hawans etc the impact of these negative energies can be nullified. Lama Fera is one of the strongest healing modality through which one can get rid of black magic etc. This healing is specially created to get rid of these issues. Symbols of Lama Fera is very strong and effective and the results of this healing is extra ordinary. The only precondition is that one should have patience and have faith in his/ her healer. These divine healing energies works as a homeopath medicines, which starts the process little slow but when it starts working in complete flow it takes the complete control over the issues and eliminate the problem completely. Symbols of Lama Fera is a pictorial representation of 4, 50,000 divine powerful mantras.

The other powerful healing modality is Yogmaya, this is an extension of Lama Fera. It is also very effective healing. In this healing we invoke the Goddess Yogmaya to help us in coming out of these issues.

Apart from these healing modalities there are so many other angelic and magical rituals like sword banishing, master rituals, angelic invocations, Seven Layer protection shield etc which can create a strong protection shield around us. These techniques are very easy and powerful also.

It is always advisable to take the help of divine energies to solve the challenges that we faces on regular basis. Invocation of divine energies and good deeds helps in creating new positive karmas. The fire of divine energies helps in melting the negative karmas that we have created in this life and in our past lives also. Lama Fera, Yogmaya and other healing modalities, angels etc are the extension of Godly energies. So we should seek help from these energies rather the darker side of energies.

Become a channel of divine energies and create your own things in life