A Masterpiece of 112 techniques of meditation.


The veneration of Lord Shiva is called Shaivism; Shiva means auspicious, gracious, kind and friendly, more generally, the auspicious one. He is worshipped across Hinduism that originated in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Shaivism, like all other traditions has different schools of thought that have their own interpretations, explanations, theories and Philosophies; they also have very large volumes of texts emanating from all the schools and their traditional perspectives.

The prominent source of recognition of a follower of Shaivism is the sacred Ash or Vibhooti that is smeared on their forehead.

Among these multiple schools of Shaivism, is a most renowned school called Trika that falls under the general nomenclature of Kashmir Shaivism; the most remarkable and potent text of this school is the “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra” also called the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra.

Why Meditation?

Since times immemorial humans have strived to achieve both the knowledge and the means to appease the gods, the angels and the other higher forces that would aid them in achieving the desired powers and gifts, whether in kind or otherwise.

This general analogy may not really be sufficient to adequately cover the true impact of the various practices and travails that are instrumental in appeasing the powers that be and those that are imagined. Meditation has been acknowledged as the means to opening the most difficult doors that would help you attain peaks of spiritual excellence that you seek; one name that is the ultimate in the field is Vigyaan Bhairava Tantra.

In fact, the whole subject has developed to a deep, powerful, and potent science that is too vast for most of us to comprehend. But, there are many ways and means as taught by the sages and saints through the history of mankind; they comprise of Yantras, Tantras, Sadhanas, Yogic kriyas, Tapasya ( including meditation), penances and many more.

A person goes to great lengths to achieve his desires and goals and meditation is one of the most effective and time-tested methods that has withstood the various tests of time across the millennia in the practices of saints, sages, tantrics and occult practitioners.

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