Gratitude is the enjoyment of life in the true sense because it shows the positive feelings you have towards others and for the graciousness of all those people around you who have been responsible to make you what you are, make your conditions what they are and who lead you to the realization of the supreme truth of your life, your existence and your sense of fulfillment.

It also reveals the trend of your life which, for all of us, is full of good things and bad but the moment you speak of gratitude, it denotes that there is a majority of good things that you may consider yourself lucky and grateful for. That things are not going contrary to what one would aspire for.

There are bound to be ups and downs in anyone’s life but sometimes, when some plus points emerge from certain unpleasant, even terrifying situations, you may express gratitude for reasons of being in a better situation than the others in a relative sense.

The feeling of gratitude is a vast source of happiness, contentment and relief too particularly when they are sincere; in such a situation, the gratitude which you exude conveys the state of well-being wherein you resonates a vibration of your energy and conveys a serene feeling of harmony interlaced with an underlying sense of contentment and is almost like heavenly bliss which emanates from a sense of accomplishment.

The normal response of a realistic person is that the present situation might have proved more detrimental than what you eventually ended up with; hence, the power of gratitude blesses, you with a relative magnanimity, relief and gratitude.

Gratitude unlocks a vastly potent force full of energy which binds relationships with its sheer power of goodwill and may sometimes lead to improvements in your health through the love it radiates. It is also known to have properties of healing.

The research done by the scientific community led by some renowned scientists reveals that claims of gratitude, fulfillment and happiness have resulted in more goodwill, better mental balance and superior health as compared to those who do not bear gratitude and goodwill towards others.

The power of gratitude is such that it increases all the good vibes, brings warmth in relationships and provides a better response between people. It is a fine feeling with:

  • A greater optimism about the future,
  • Reduced frequency of sicknesses,
  • Improve sleeping and relaxation patterns,
  • Increased interest and ambitions in life,
  • Increased willingness to do more exercise, and
  • Better attempts at efforts which might have been dismissed earlier.

These opinions have been supported and enunciated by all denominations of philosophers, scholars, religious and ethnic leaders; however, the only impediments might arise from unrealistic and unachievable materialistic pursuits after which some people hanker.

Gratitude means that you treasure and cherish what you have been provided, whether through your efforts or with the help of those around you, and try to consolidate it to achieve higher fulfillment and happiness; craving or trying too much for higher materialistic gains may mar that happiness and euphoria.

Everything that you require needs to be planned while enjoying the fruits of your current happy position. King Midas is a classic example of those who faltered in spite of having all the precious things that a person could need to ensure his happiness.

Since times immemorial, men of wisdom have always preached that it is always practical to try reasonably for higher levels of happiness only with a sense of contentment and control.

Golden rule is “Be Grateful and Be Content”