Intensive Maa Kundalini Sadhana

Hemantji Namah Shivay

First of all my sashtang Namaskar to my favorite Guru and Mentor.
I am very very grateful for the beautiful Sadhana of Ma Kundalini. You made it so simple and your simple advice and explanations were like pearls of wisdom.

I enjoyed the Sadhana thoroughly and lots of good changes have taken place. Like I said before I am totally in awareness. My anger has subsided greatly. My emotions are balanced. There is more calmness and peace overall. I get up in the mornings exuberantly and look forward to a new day with new enthusiasm. The monotony I felt, has vanished and everything I see now, in a new light especially all relationships. I have become more patient and understanding to the needs of others.

The thing I need to learn is to scan my energy and vibrations.
You have taken my soul to a new dimension and I feel I am slowly ascending.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and Bless you always