Hello Everyone,

I am so blessed to become a part of this group and feeling so grateful that I came to know Hemant sir…and took Akashic record reading from him…the best mentor and like a divine guiding star who show me right path of my spiritual journey thru his selfless and intense work of Akashic reading…I must say his each and every word whatever he mentioned in my report was resonating 100% with my life….and now after so much struggle in every area of my life god has sent his divine angel Hemant sir to help me, mentor me, support me….I have no words to thank enough for whatever sir is doing for helping me with his constant support wisdom and selfless help. I am feeling so delight and happy that i took my readings from Hemant sirx, very well explained and detailed report which clears everything like a mirror….thank you so much Hemant sir i very much grateful to you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🙏