Intensive Kundalini Sadhana

Namah Shivay Guruji,

I offer my deepest gratitude to you and Maa Kundalini for granting me the opportunity to engage in this transformative Sadhana.

Initially, I was uncertain about the outcomes of this Sadhana, but I registered with faith in your guidance. I am sincerely thankful for the profound changes this Sadhana has brought into the depths of my life. My heartfelt appreciation to Guruji for assisting us in transforming into manifestation machines.

While I initially had hopes and expectations, I now realize that with surrender and right intention, these aspirations can be achieved. Manifestations are now a part of my everyday life, and I take pride in being associated with a Guru like You, who encourages students to surpass him. Grateful for growing under your guidance as I learn the essence of a real teacher. Ever grateful, Sir 🙏

On a psychic level, I intuitively sense events before they occur. Faces, symbols, and different languages appear during Sadhana, and I now recognize my connection with them in various lifetimes. Grateful for this profound experience.

The immeasurable peace and calmness derived from this Sadhana is beyond words. Understanding my energy body and aura has been a truly unique experience.

Each session guides us step by step towards ascension.

With heartfelt gratitude,