In the realm of Healing Symphony’s grace,
A February batch found a tranquil place.
Hemantjee, Sarujee, Yuktijee, of Reiki Paradise,
Bestowed their healings, a noble enterprise.

With hands of light and hearts so wide,
They bridged the gap where peace resides.
To all participants, they freely gave,
Their radiant energies that heal and save.

A token of gratitude, words can barely express,
For the serenity and comfort, they did profess.
In every gesture, a kindness unfurled,
A gift to every soul, in this turbulent world.

So here’s to the trio, with spirits so bright,
Who made the world lighter, with their healing light.
Thank you, dear team Reiki Paradise, for all that you’ve done,
In the symphony of healing, you three shine as one.