As I write this review for Akashic records reading done by Hemant Sir for myself and my son .. I feel immensely blessed that I got this opportunity by divine though I know sir from 5plus years now and he has been my friend philosopher and guide ( An angel just a call away in my most difficult times) I got guided to get my Akashic readings only last week as we say “divine timing” plays its role for everything! I was struggling with some major issues and inspite of practicing many healing modalities I wasn’t able to fix certain major blocks and issues ONLY because I didn’t know the root cause of my problems and what to apply where! I Genuinely say that only through my Akashic records everything came out crystal clear not only from this lifetime but most importantly my past lives as well. And therefore I have been able to understand exactly how to resolve them and which way to move ahead for myself and my family both. I honestly suggest that if anyone’s guided to get their reading done please don’t be in two minds and go ahead!

Thank you so much Hemant Pasrija Sir. God Bless You! Gratitude!
ॐ साईं राम