Over the last so many days, I had been thinking about the reason of my true existence. I’ve wanted to know why I am here, what is my soul purpose? Though I knew an answer; “I am here to serve people by doing healings, Tarot card readings, by conducting workshops etc.” But I felt this wasn’t sufficient to settle the thirst of my soul. After 14 years of my corporate career I got to know my soul purpose and I was wondering what else was still missing in my life. Why am I still feeling restless? Why am I unable to sleep properly? Actually, I realised that this is the purpose of my current life, but this isn’t the real purpose of my existence. So I put my question in front of my angels.

One day when I was going through my books, suddenly one word popped up in front of my eyes and I got the answer to my question, the answer was, “I am here for Self-Realisation”. “I am here to meet my true self.” Now I think my real journey has started.

During this journey I realised that, Self realisation is a process of knowing your true self by going deep within you. Self realisation is a way to merge yourself with the kingdom of god which resides within you, self realisation is a journey to step aside your “I” which is full of ego. This is a journey to become the egoless “I” of the universe. This is a wonderful journey of transformation of our life from DOG to GOD. Now the question is, how we can achieve a state of self realisation or you can say Nirvana? In the last few days of my life, the 1st and the foremost lesson that I have learnt in the path of Self Realisation is “Detachment”.

Detachment doesn’t mean that you leave your loved ones or you stop performing your personal or professional responsibilities. It means doing all these things but remaining untouched by the nitty – gritty of this life, to love everyone unconditionally but not expect anything out of anyone. Accepting the fact that you are here to perform your own role, your friends, family members and other loved ones are your co-stars. They will perform their roles and then everyone will proceed further to play their next role. So, if everyone in your life is bound to go then why to keep any kind of expectations, why to be attached with them? Just love everyone and love unconditionally. In true love there are no expectations, and when there are no expectations then there is no pain in life.

This is not a state of indifference, and does not mean lack of interest or lack of feeling. Once you have the feeling of detachment then it becomes easier to accept calmly whatever happens. You will reach a level where you can accept the good and the bad equally, because your mind is in a state inner balance and peace.

Next thing that I realised in the journey of Self Realisation is to give quality time to yourself. It will help you to understand yourself in a deeper manner. The real meaning of self realisation is to know yourself, know your true desires, your true wishes. This is a beautiful feeling, once you start communicating with yourself than you will feel immense pleasure which no other thing in this universe can replace.Self dialogue is a kind of meditation which creates positive energies within you, and these positive energies attract positive people and positive situations in life. This helps you with better concentration.

These 2 very basic steps will start your journey towards the path of Self Realisation. The more you practice this, the more you will come closer to your destination.