In recent times, many scientists are particularly interested in understanding the “Altered States of Consciousness”. While this was a new found scientific discovery, our Ancestors frequently accessed deep delta and theta mind states through powerful meditations. Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) just happen to stem from altered states of mind. As scientific as they may sound on wiki, OBEs hold a mysticism and divinity of their own. They explain how revered sages were able to know and write about past and future and gather the knowledge about planets, stars and galaxies long before Science came into picture. They certainly knew how to walk across time and space in their astral/spirit form!

Typically, an Out of body experience occurs when one’s soul separates from one’s body (not at the time of death). To see yourself standing next to your resting body or floating up in the air, while your body lies below separate from you, is fascinating for some and a little scary for others. But let me assure you, this process is completely safe! While your spirit/higher self separates from your body, a silver cord connects you to your body. You can roam around freely across different places as well as across different dimensions without having to worry about returning back safely.

There happen to be several guided meditations across the internet. However, I would like to share what works best for me and for my students when I have take them for an OBE and using which I have experienced several OBEs over the years. In this method, simplicity is the key essence ☺ Also if you really want to enjoy the process, it is vital to surrender yourself completely to the divine and tell your masters to accompany you during your OBE.

1. Lie down in a comfortable position with eyes closed and palms facing towards the sky.

2. Become aware of any sounds those maybe near you. Keep listening to them for a minute or two as they begin to fade into the background.

3. Now, bring your peaceful attention to the weight of your body. Relax deeply and let go of any muscular tension.

4. Start observing any thoughts that might come. With every exhalation, release all worries. There is no need to resist any thoughts or hold them back as they come to you. Just observe, and let them pass away. Take a few mins in this state and relax your mind.

Once you’re through with the first four steps, your work is pretty much done! Now all you need to do is:

5. Relax and Breathe. With every outgoing breath, feel the relaxation spread to every cell of your body. Observe your breath and keep breathing normally.

6. Visualise that every cell of your body is getting converted into white light and with every single breath, your soul is starting a new journey.

In time, your mind will settle down completely. You might begin to feel vibrations, pulsations, numbness or tingling sensations as your body enters into a state of “Sleep Paralysis”.

Do not panic. Just observe the sensations as you begin to feel the lightness. You will soon enter a state of weightlessness wherein you’ll be feeling as if you’re floating in the air. Once you’re out of your body, open your third eye to see the world around you. Take your time exploring the world and higher realms.

Whenever you feel like coming back, count from 1 to 10 as you slowly begin to come back to your body. At 10, open your eyes, walk around, stretch yourself, drink a glass of water. Write down what you experienced because meditation experiences differ every time you dive in for a new adventure.

It is always advisable to keep an alarm clock near to you and set the alarm as per your wish to regulate how long your session needs to be.

Share with us, your OBEs! We would love to hear them from you. If you need help with this mystic process, feel free to contact us or visit our centre and we would love to guide you through ☺