The Yin and Yang principle holds true for the solar system and the universe in general; for all negative or derogatory entities, there is also the existence of a counter; that is the law of balancing that holds sway in this universe.

The Sun is the life-giving divine spark that ignites the matter for the creating of life but that too requires a Yin for its Yang – a counter to its act of creation. That role is taken over by the Moon that complements the creation of life by nurturing and nursing the life that grows.

The Planet of Love

The moon is the loving receptacle that receives the offerings of the basic spark that is the matter of which all beings are composed. That is the reason why the Moon is always exalted in Taurus, the reasoning being that Taurus is the zodiac sign for material, substances, receptive nature and even the season of spring since that is the season for producing seeds and flowering and blooming life.

Since the Moon represents motherly affection and care, it is also known as Chanda Mama since the Indian folklore has placed the maternal uncle’s love quite close to that of his sister.

The moon is dependent solely on the light of the Sun which it reflects and it is only half of the personality of the Sun which is at our core; the phases of the Moon keep wavering and so do our emotions and affairs. It is the Moon’s house which affects us the most.

The Moon is the only planet that affects us to the maximum because it represents the Yin principle of passivity and receptivity and affects the following:

  • Our emotions,
  • Nurturance,
  • Our motherly image,
  • Our habits and behavior,
  • Memory and sub-conscious mind,
  • Childhood, Family,
  • Childbirth, Pregnancy and fertility,
  • Children and young people,
  • Matter,
  • Public consciousness, and
  • In a man’s chart, his wife, the women in his life

As far as the physical aspect of the Moon is concerned, it controls the following vital parts:

  • Heart,
  • Eyes,
  • The stomach,
  • The Solar plexus,
  • The chest area,
  • All fluids of the body,
  • Secretions from the body and glands, and
  • Regulation of the flows and the circulatory system.

Its control of the fluids does not stop in our physical manifestations, the control extends to the existence of fluids in nature too; the Moon has a direct effect on the oceans and the behavior of their tides.

Affliction of moon

Since the Moon is all about nursing, nurturing, caring and supporting its derogatory phases can have a devastating effect on the psyche of a native with the following problems when you have an afflicted Moon:

  • You feel dejected, Alienated and lonely,
  • You have a feeling of being incompetent or worthless,
  • Estranged from all ,
  • Problems in Pregnancy, fertility and childbirth.

Diseases caused by the Moon

  • Tension,
  • Weak eyesight,
  • Heart problems, Depression,
  • Tuberculosis,
  • Cold and Cough, and
  • Respiratory problems.

Characteristics of the Moon

The minimum distance from the Earth: 363 Km

The maximum distance from the Earth: 405 Km

Radius of the Moon : 1738 Km

Age of the Moon : 4 to 5 billion years

The Moon consumes: Twenty seven days, Seven hours, Forty Three minutes and eleven seconds to make one round of the Earth; it is called a sidereal month in Astronomy.

To regain this position i.e. for another new Moon, it consumes Twenty Nine days, Twelve hours and Forty Four minutes between consecutive new moons; this month is called Lunation or Synodic month.

Own sign is Cancer.

Own day is Monday.

Direction is North West.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is 324 days.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is 27 days.

Facial Feature Beautiful round face.

Color is White.

Friendly Planets are Moon, Jupiter and Mars.

Enemy Planets are Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.

Neutral Planet is Mercury.

Exalted in Taurus.

Favorable Metals is Silver.

Precious Stone is Pearl.

If well placed it gives wealth and prosperity.

If adversely place it gives rise to jealousy and arrogant nature.

The Moon and the Yogas formed by it

To make an assessment of the likely events and to arrive at the type of personality, nature and other individual traits of a person the sages and scholars have been making a deep study of the constellations and their effect on the characteristics of behavior, the following Yogas have been seen:

  1. Sunafa Yoga: This Yoga occurs when there are planet(s) in the 2nd house from the Moon except Ketu, Rahu and Sun; the occurrence of this Yoga in the chart is considered auspicious and provides and self-made, happy life with a positive outlook, intellect and wealth. In case of the planets being malefic, reduced benefits or nil benefits may result.
  2. Anafa Yoga: This Yoga is created when there planet(s) in the 12th house from the Moon other than the Sun, Rahu and Ketu; here again the presence of benefic planet is the provider of a healthy physiques and an amazing personality with high acclaim and respect showered on him by the community; government authorities are favorable.

Mercury provides communication skills and Jupiter makes him religious, scholarly and charitable. Venus makes him a womanizer while Saturn may provide troubles and hurdles

3.Durudhara Yoga: This Yoga is formed when there are planet(s) on either side of the Moon other than Rahu, Ketu and the Suni.e both Sunafa and Anafa Yogas are present in the chart; benefic planets make him:

  • Intelligent,
  • Rich,
  • Renowned,
  • High status,
  • Trustworthy and

Malefic presence will make him cruel, untrustworthy, Womanizer. The degree of such planets has to be studied for each such planet in this yoga as against their lords.

4.Kema Druma Yoga: this situation arises in the chart when there are no planets on either side of the Moon except the Sun, Rahu and Ketu. The Moon becomes isolated without any supporting planets giving the native an isolated, lonely existence.