Its ever so often that we find ourselves at a Vantage point. Where we listen to stories of people who have a Flair for everything! They do things so effortlessly that everything looks so natural on them.

And then there are many who just work hard and struggle but life doesn’t seem to be working out for them! No matter how motivated they feel, they just can’t reach it. It feels like being trapped.

So what is it that really creates the difference?

What gives the so called “Role Models “the time and resources for everything!,

And we, the caged “normal people” lack?

Well let me tell you, it’s all about Manifestation fellas J. At each point in our lives, consciously or subconsciously, we continue to attract and shape the course of our lives…

Let me give you a bit of insight into my life 😉

So I went through this dark phase when I quit my job and I had to go through this short but intimidating financial crisis. I applied for jobs but it didn’t work out because I had this constant low feeling all the time.

I knew I had to fix this feeling. I needed to heal myself… My spiritual dream was calling and I never felt so sure that was finally my time to Embrace It! I was afraid of materialising that dream because of the financial crisis. Also, my logical mind was not allowing me to take this courageous step of my life. Then, I realised that there is a divine force and a cosmic energy that controls the working of this universe and I need to tap that energy within myself and I must start attracting that energy consciously.

That’s exactly when I set forward my vision to open my own Centre of Healing. A place where people could feel the infinite love that the Heaven and Angels had to offer. A place where people could be enlightened, feel, see and experience the Realms of the Angels.

In no time, I received the help and support of amazing people, who joined hands in bringing my dream into reality.

Ever since then, my faith in laws of manifestation grew boundlessly.

So what really is manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of matching our vibrational frequency to the vibrational frequency of all the things that we desire in life and the moment we raise our frequency, we can get each and everything in my life.

Sounds interesting! But how do we do that?

Well all we need is to follow a few basic steps:

The First step is to “Ask”

To set your goal very clearly of whatever it is that you desire in life. We got to be specific here! If you need 500 bucks, ask for 500. If you need 50,000 bucks, ask for 50,000, don’t hesitate to ask.
Too much or too little, too cheap or too expensive. Well its all in our heads isn’t it? Well, consider the fact that heaven sends bounteously and infinitely for all of

You will get the things that you have demanded

This is the most important ingredient in the process of manifestation. Until & unless you don’t believe in the abundant power of universe, you will not be able to get anything. As trust and belief raises our frequencies to the cosmic level, and then we can manifest anything. Belief gives us that extra push to our mind.

Raise your vibrations

The moment we raise our vibrational energy to the vibrational frequency of the higher dimensions, abundance flows into us freely and wholly. The thumb rule is, higher the vibrations, faster the manifestation process. One of the best ways of raising the vibrations is through Affirmations and Switchwords.

Program the Sub-Conscious

Taking this step really aids in discarding any feelings of doubt and fear. When we program our subconscious, we become to resonate more profoundly with the vibrational frequency of the object of our attention and we enter into a state of receiving.

Clean and Charge your Aura on a Regular basis

As you must have seen from my shared experience, that Positive energies attract positive people and circumstance which in turn, attracts Joy and Happiness which is the core basis for a faster manifestation.


This is the last and the most important step. Understand that we are the sole craftsmen of our lives, the creators of our own destiny and born masters of manifestation! All we need is to embrace and understand how to use this gift provided to us in the right way.

And the Universe will take care of the rest!