It is all a question of belief when it comes to spiritual matters, their practice, and the benefits derived from them but, there is another aspect to it, some sort of faith in the practices or of their proponents who may be a known person whom you trust or a renowned guru who carries the faith of a number of people.

Then, there is question of need to adopt rituals and practices that you think are required by you, your body, or your lifestyle. Once you think that you really want or need to adopt something, the next step is the most vital one that is viability or feasibility.

Tantric sex? Try it!

The drudges of everyday life are a big dampener to the spirit in us that requires to explore everything, to feel everything and, in the end, enjoy everything as it is meant to be. In your routine daily lifestyle you may be getting all the material things that this world can provide; yet you may be having that internal feeling of loss, of craving for something more than you have now. During such a period, even the mind does not function efficiently in that, everything is in front of you but is not crystal clear; the integrity of your thought processes is scattered; so, what do you need?

Sex is the need not only of your body but also of your soul; that is why, sometimes, it is the biggest dissatisfaction. It may be the result of getting bored and distracted with your sex life and unable to pin down the exact reason or its remedy. If you are not enjoying your sex life and if you want to ignite a new powerful spark than Tantra Sex is the right process for you.

Sex is a part of our daily life and it is one of the best ways to release stress. Sex always doesn’t mean organism ejaculation, true sex means love making. Love making is to understand the need of your partner, is to feel your partner to the extent that it not only touches your body or emotions but it should touch your Soul.

What Tantric sex does?

Let us envisage two situations for practicing the sublime act of sex which the ancient yogis perfected to a fine art; Tantric sex is the ultimately satisfying experience which the union with your spouse or with your spiritual partner can provide.

Through Tantric Sex you can scale the heights of your physical union and get skyrocketed to heaven; such is the out-of-this-world experience that you seem to have revved up your sexual pleasure by quite a few notches.

Tantric sex is being enjoyed through practices that are perfected by more than 5000 years in Hindu practices of coital bliss; anybody can do it. Tantra sex is a part of Kundalini Awakening which is a part of our soul ascension. This is a divine process and these days it is being widely accepted in many societies now. But there is a rejection too.

It is simply an awakening, utility and expansion of the feelings that you enjoy in the sex act, it need not be a brisk, rushed, and steamy act of penetration, ejaculation and back to work.

It is an unhurried act to release the pent up energy and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. It is also like the intoxication that you get from a fine in which the highs you experience are slow, unhurried as also the receding effect which is gradual and calming to the whole being.

Though it is not just about getting an orgasm, yet the mind, body, and soul connection is amplified multiple times and you may experience mind shattering orgasms as a result of Tantric Sex.

Tantric Sex, also known as Tantra Sex provides you access to unique depths of carnal pleasure that brings you to the base level and makes your mind and body explode like an internal volcano. While the lovemaking is like a slow rise to a boiling liquid, it leaves a euphoria akin to the cooling of glowing ambers; slow and blissful.

What is the need?

The ecstasy that you experience is multiplied manifold when you practice prolonged Tantra sex; for achieving the full benefits you need to have patience and devote sufficient time before you can reach the sublime pleasure that you seek.

For extracting the true potential of Tantric sex:

  1. Inhibitions have to be set aside so that both can be intimate enough to explore each other minds, body and sensual points,
  2. It serves to rejuvenate the physical and sensual feelings of the sex act with your partner.
  3. It helps to develop intimacy and harmonious sex-filled life.

Performing the act

  • Just let yourself flow with the tide; set no goals,
  • Do not make an agenda of things to do things; tackle them with love as they arise,
  • Give yourself up to pleasure your lover,
  • Explore his/her body to find the sensual points in his/her anatomy,
  • Enjoy the foreplay
  • Focus only on love; not on orgasm. It should happen on its own,
  • Organism should be the foremost from your mind. Tantric experts use various delaying tactics like meditation, massages, breath control to put off the inevitable. This also intensifies the pleasure and drowns you in the sensations that result from release.

Tantric sex: Some hints

If you want to give it a go, try the following:

  • Try to create an ambiance of solitude, peace and luxury,
  • This can be made more subtle by dimming the lights
  • Start by turning down the lights and shutting out the rest of the world,
  • Create anticipation in your senses,
  • Meditation and focusing inwards may help in preparing to flow in sexual energy,
  • Listen to your breathing and look inwards.

Other experts in the field advocate other techniques like:

  • Brisk movements of the body and limbs to loosen up,
  • Keeping away from the bed during foreplay,
  • Stretch out anywhere that your lover desires,
  • Titillation with
  1. Light massages,
  2. Touches of feather, and
  3. Strokes and touches.

Try prolonging the sex act as long as possible; get ready to shower your love while luxuriating in the gentle love and touches of your lover. Only then will you enjoy tantric sex to the fullest.