Kundalini has been known to the scholars in the subcontinent since ages though its propagation to the western shores occurred in the recent past through the sages and practitioners who traveled to the western countries as part of their mission to spread its knowledge and finer points.

It is supposed to be present in all human beings but has to be aroused out of its dormant state through vigorous exercises which include brisk and forceful breathing exercises done under the tutelage. It is believed to be resident in a small gland at the base of the spinal cord and is in a coiled state; almost like a snake. It is stated that when the Kundalini is being aroused it starts uncoiling and rising.

The reason for it remaining an enigma and a mysterious form of energy is that:

  • Though it finds frequent mentions in the Buddhist and Hindu texts aimed at the practice of Yoga and Tantra, it cannot be really grasped or deeply understood even by some learned teachers of Yoga,
  • It has remained “Esoteric” (i.e. “Gupt” in Hindi) which means that it has been preserved and protected as an elusive subject confined only within a highly privileged handful of people, learned scholars and practitioners,
  • Most people, including some informed ones, still believe it to be traditional legends or metaphors while those who have actually been lucky in practicing and uncoiling their dormant Kundalini, know otherwise,
  • It does not any recognition in the west, or elsewhere, as a science,
  • It remains dormant in most human beings and has to be aroused through Yoga, Meditation, healings, chanting or intense breathing exercises. The documents and practices of Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga contain specific procedures that lead to the arousal of the Kundalini with specific warnings by scholars about the precautions required to be taken before envisaging the arousal of the Kundalini energy because it is so potent and powerful that, if not controlled, it may cause harm to you,
  • The last but not the least, arousing this dormant force, which resides in all of us, is a very tough proposition. It requires severe and intense exercises under the guidance of a master of this elusive energy.

The spiritual journey is indeed a pleasant one once you have been successfully able to arouse it with severe penance and hard exercises with proper discipline whether they are breathing regimens or physical workouts.

Like Yoga, once aroused, it alters the whole perception and thinking of a person who practices and succeeds in arousing Kundalini Shakti. Another similarity between Yoga and Kundalini is that, when both were introduced by learned scholars with expertise in these fields, they were considered as mysticism, voodoo, witchcraft and as another religion altogether.

But, now that the knowledge of Yoga is quite common, it is getting the desired recognition and fame as an admirable discipline.

Experts on this subject are divided on the question of whether arousal of Kundalini Shakti is a precursor for attaining total enlightenment in this age which is referred to as the age of Kali.

But, though it is clear this perception might not be really plausible though, it may be admitted that the arousal of this awesome energy will certainly be a huge advantage to a person who seeks enlightenment and truth.

As mentioned earlier, the arousal of Kundalini is of two types:

1. Voluntary: This is the normal practice and the ultimate aim is the arousal of this potent energy source but, it is not necessary that, just because you are a person who performs Yoga or physical exercises, you should try for its arousal. You should be starting and performing under the able guidance of a master in this trade; everything happens at the proper time if the effort is properly guided and channeled,

2. Involuntary or unintentional: Kundali normally does not wake up intentionally till a favorable set of conditions are created by the body but accidental arousal also occurs in some cases.

Disturbing effects of Kundalini

While the arousal of Kundalini energy is always a very enlightening experience leading and showing you the path to highly pleasurable experiences in this complex world and times, the unintentional arousal might in some cases be complicated and disturbing. This is not to say that it is so in a majority of the cases; it only means that some cases of disruptive effects of the arousal have been noticed. The result may be so many involuntary movements in the head, limbs, twitching and jerking sensations, insomnia and panic. These reactions might range from embarrassing to frightening and impossible to control.

Causes of involuntary arousal

Arousal may occur even by:

  • Recitation of mantras, meditation or simple breathing exercises,
  • Sitting near an enlightened, and
  • Activities which are intense like sex, ecstatic dances and trance.

It is believed that unintentional arousal encounters barriers because the conditions required for its arousal have not been ideally fulfilled; this causes it to move around in search of an outlet. In this effort, it encounters various nerves which react due to the up-surging energy.

Normal arousal first prepares the red carpet by opening the natural barriers that exist in its normal pathway.

Retracting the Kundalini

As it requires hard and painstaking work to uncoil your Kundalini, it takes much more painstaking efforts to undo its involuntary reactions; this has to be performed under the competent guidance of a master of such practices. Psychiatric help can also be sought.