When I entered in the field of spirituality I came to know that this universe is made up of 2 kinds of energies or you can say that every human has 2 kinds of energy component. Masculine energies and Feminine energies. Masculine energy is represented by Lord Shiva and Feminine as Shakti. The English meaning of Shakti is POWER.

Shakti! The moment I heard this word, I felt a deep and very strong connection, it seems to me that I have a past life connection with this kind of energy. This is the true essence of life. Shakti is creation, Shakti is beauty and Shakti is true power. The power to nurture a child and a power to destroy an evil spirits. I started exploring more about Shakti on net, I have read books, attended some spiritual workshops and seminars. I got the basic details but I was not able to get the satisfactory results. The only major thing that I have learnt is Shakti is a goddess which has taken different forms like Durga, Kaali, Paarti, Dhoomavati maa, and Lalita-amba for fulfilling the different purposes and for destroying the evils from universe. But this was not the information that I was looking for, it was something extra, something which can satisfy my eagerness. So I decided to meditate on one form of Shakti and I have chosen Maa Kaali.

The moment I start meditating on her I realised that she is the ultimate power of this universe. A mother who has two different faces, one which is full of love and compassion and other is full of devastating energies. Most of the people know Maa Kaali as a goddess of destruction and most of the people have sensed her Raudra Roop but I have seen her compassionate form also.When you invoke maa kaali, you will get her supreme powers after intensive sadhna but before bestowing her powers to you she will test you from thick and thin and your capability to handle her powers. Goddess Kali shows herself holding a severed head And a bloody sword, signifying her power to create revolutionary change, dissolve ego, and overthrow hierarchies and structures.

One of the most powerful mantra to invoke Maa Kaali is “KREEM” this mantra possess her ultimate power. As a liberating energy, Kaali’s Shakti might appear as a moment of breakthrough, as intense love and ecstasy, an inner push to change your life, or a need to speak truth in a difficult situation. She brings powerful energy to your spiritual practice, allowing you to literally pierce the veils of ordinary awareness and see the truth that lies behind the mind. Her shadow side might manifest in uncontrollable anger or an addiction to intensity, or as an impulse to make radical changes on the spur of the moment.

The divine unbeatable powers of maa attract major EGO and just to satisfy his/her own self ego one can go upto any extent. So when I have stated worshipping Maa Kaali the first and foremost thing that I have realised and worked upon is the purification of my true consciousness and sub-consciousness. If you are purified at both the levels than you can handle her powers for the betterment of the society and the vice versa. One of the most powerful mantra for the purification is

“Om Kalikey! Vidmahe Sham-Sham Vasine Dhi Mahi, Tanno Ghauri Prachodyaat”

|| ॐ कालिके विदमहे शम-शम वासिनी धी मही, तननो घौरी प्रचोदयात् ||

Do the chanting of this mantra atleast 108 times in day or if you can manage than 1008 times daily for 21 days. For the siddhi-karan of this mantra one has to do the chanting 1, 25,000 times.

Maa Kaali also helps you in awakening your kundalini Shakti, which is located at the base of your spine. Kundalini is the ultimate treasure of divine wisdom and power. The more you get closer to Maa Kaali the more it will be easier for you to activate your kundalini shakti. If you really want to possess the powers of kaali than you should have two basic things and that is patience and passion. The more you are passionate about maa, the more you will get the divine love and powers from her and you can utilise those powers as per your wish. Maa Kaali is also the goddess of darkness and most of the tantricks uses her powers for performing black magic, spirit controlling and so on.

Keep Working on your purification and may Maa Kaali bestow her divine powers on you!

Jai Maa Kaali!