It gains its prominence and status from it being the largest of all the planets in the Solar System; this is also borne by its astrological significance. Jupiter symbolizes an expansive tendency in both the spiritual and physical aspects:

  1. Mind and wisdom: It expands the knowledge of the native to high levels of the philosophy and super conscious realms and also Vedic astrology,
  2. Physical horizons: The expansion in this case is achieved through gaining weight or having a large build and through undertaking long journeys and gaining knowledge.

Jupiter in astrology

Due to its optimistic and generous disposition, it has been equated to a Santa Claus of the Cosmos but when it is in the hard aspects it can easily make you:

  • Exhibitionist or a showoff,
  • Extravagant,
  • Boastful and conceited.

Hard aspects The hard aspects of Jupiter can be related to:

  • The Sun,
  • The Moon,
  • Mars,
  • Venus

When in the hard aspects Jupiter creates:

  • Conflict,
  • Changes,
  • Resistance

Resolution of the hard aspect results in the release and availability of beneficial energies of these planets.

Jupiter is a highly favorable planet that actually represents:

  • Happiness,
  • Wisdom,
  • Wealth and
  • Higher spiritual knowledge.

It is also the true guru, the guide and promoter, the resourceful conman or the marketing whiz or the gambler or hustler too and this quality bestows on the native with idealism, wisdom, understanding and aspirations of truth.

The symbol

Its symbol is quite representative being composed of the crescent of personality that is uplifted or elevated by the cross of matter; it denotes categorically, the native’s rise beyond earthly considerations through his enlightened grasp of things.

Saturn is these experiences and tests, and the channel of acquiring the vital wisdom; therefore, their two symbols are reverse of each other and Saturn is the conductor of the tests.

In the physical body, Jupiter rules:

  • Hips,
  • Thighs,
  • Liver,
  • The Pituitary glands, and
  • The large intestine.

If the position of Jupiter is analyzed as per each house, it will easily lead to understanding as to how your ethical thoughts and social activities are shaped. Your social values and principles are given shape by your religious, social and ethical training.

A retrograde Jupiter in a person’s chart makes him:

  1. A pessimist,
  2. A depressed person,
  3. Lethargic and lazy, and
  4. In a perpetual state of exhaustion.

The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter has both a lower and a higher version of manifestation; that is why, the Sagittarians, who are having the half-man and half-beast mentality always have internal strife as to which version will assert itself.

When Jupiter is in a favorable place, he has the benefic power to reduce the derogatory effects of the planets that are malefic.

In the astrological chart of a woman, the Jupiter serves as a Karak of the husband and, when positioned favorably, it provides the joys of a happily married life providing a blissful union and relationship. When the placement of Jupiter is not favorable, it makes the woman obstinate and uncooperative creating arguments and quarrels while maintaining a continuous state of discord in the marital life.

If placed in the 12th house of a native, Jupiter provides moksha or salvation after his death.


If Jupiter happens to be well placed:

  1. As per the signs I.e. Pisces, Sagittarius or Cancer,
  2. As also in Libra, Aquarius or Scorpio,
  3. Or, in houses fourth, tenth, twelfth, ninth, eight, first, second or third.

Or, if it is well-aspected, it can indicate a deeper understanding, general good fortune, abundance and educations through travel.

If Jupiter is poorly positioned or if it is afflicted, it may give you the following traits:

  1. Avarice and greed,
  2. Wasteful habits,
  3. Indiscriminate Sensuality,
  4. Self-indulgent,
  5. Dilettante or,
  6. A wanderer.

This is the reason for the struggle within since Jupiter riles Sagittarius emphasizing all it positives, it is also a co-ruler with Neptune of Pisces and, in Cancer, it is exalted; this is where its principle of mothering or nurturing is developed.

Own sign (Rashi) are Pisces and Sagittarius.

Own day is Thursday

Direction is North-East (Ishana).

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is thirteen months.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is twelve years.

Special Features Knowledge.

Color is Yellow.

Friendly Planets are Mars, Moon and Sun.

Enemy Planets are Venus and Mercury.

Neutral Planet are Rahu and Saturn.

Exalted in Cancer.

Debilitated in Capricorn

Favorable Metals is Gold.

Precious Stone is Yellow Sapphire.

If well placed it gives Prosperity, Son, Wisdom, and Education.

If adversely place it gives arrogance.

Representation Elderly and Teachers (Gurus).

Body parts ruled Large Intestines, Liver.

Diseases given by Jupiter Ear problems, Cough, Inflammation, jaundice.