The planets that we have seen till now are actual physical entities that have an effect on the human lives according to the placement of those planets in their astrological charts. But, there are two entities that are not physical planets; rather, they are in the form of shadowy planets or nodes and are known to exert vital influences on the lives of the natives.

Rahu is known to be a dirty planet causing unforeseen delays and hurdles and prompting the native to be lazy and living in filth.

He takes about 18 months to transit each sign of the zodiac.

These two nodes do not have any size or shape like other planets but the impact that it has on the lives of human beings can be very great.

The story behind Rahu, Ketu and the eclipses.

It is said that there was an episode called Amrit manthan which included churning the sea to derive nectar which was required by both the Gods and the Demons so that they may become immortal. But the intentions of both the armies were dishonest and they wanted to dupe the other army to pool in their manpower but drink the nectar themselves to achieve immortality.

When the nectar obtained from the churning of the sea was being consumed by the gods, a demon who was quite powerful sat between the Son and the Moon in disguise as a god but they recognized him and revealed him to Lord Vishnu; Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra and severed his body near the throat.

But, by then the Demon had consumed enough nectar to become immortal; the portion of the head was called Rahu and the hind portion was called Ketu.

Astronomically, the point where the Moon and the Sun intersect in the North is called Rahu or the North Node while the point in the south is called Ketu or the South Node.

It is belived that this enmity has continued over the ages and whenever they are near, the Sun and the Moon are swallowed by their enemies, Rahu and Ketu causing Solar and Lunar eclipses.

The node called Rahu does not have any zodiac sign assigned to it and is known in Hindu mythology to represent the head of the dragon; in effect, this planet is known to govern the following traits in a native:

  • Mentality,
  • Ego, anger and moods,
  • Lust and sex,
  • Black magic and other negative habits,

Adverse placement

The derogatory effects seen due to the unfavorable placement of Rahu in your astrological chart may have the following significant effects:

  • Brutal and violent nature,
  • Fatality,
  • Darkness, gambling, and
  • Concealed money.


There is also a daily period of time called Rahukaal which Indian astrology consider as totally inauspicious for initiating any new event or activity since Rahu is supposed to be malefic during this period every day.

The science of astrology in India calculates this rahukaal (or, period of Rahu) for each place according to the time of Sunrise and Sunset. The calculation is quite simple if you know the exact timing of these two events.

You first need to divide this daylight time into eight segments and one of these eight segments will be designated as Rahukaal as per your location on that day. So, on different days, Rahukaal will fall at different parts of the day; this time is particularly inauspicious hence these periods are picked up and avoided for new ventures etc.

The internet has various sites that will calculate the period of Rahukaal within seconds. It is also referred to as Raahuykaalam, Vishaghati or Yamagandakaalam and is daily different according to the difference in planetary configurations.

Favorable placement

The first good thing that a favorably placed Rahu provides a native is a long journey


Vedic astrology depicts Rahu as a dragon that rides a chariot driven by eight black horses; while he does not own any zodiac sign, he can still become the lord of any house; he bears enmity with Cancer and Leo.

Rahu represents the paternal grandfather or other very old persons.

A malefic Rahu makes people:

  • Dissatisfied,
  • Jealous,
  • Evil thoughts,
  • Travels in mountains and forests,
  • Get imprisoned, or
  • Enjoy the assets of others like official car or rented home.

Western astrologers also consider rahu as a benefic planet.

Own sign (Rashi) is Scorpio and Aries.

Direction is North Lunar node.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is 18 months.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is 18 years.

Nature is hostile, furious and dirty.

Color is grey, black.

Friendly Planets are Saturn, Venus and Saturn.

Enemy Planets are Sun, Mars and Moon.

Neutral Planet is Jupiter.

Exalted in Taurus.

Debiliteted in Sagittarius.

Favorable Metals are Graphite and Lead.

Precious Stone is Hassonite.

If well placed it gives status, wealth and prosperity.

If adversely place it gives jealousy and arrogance.

Representation is for very old people.

Diseases given by Rahu are

  • Leprosy,
  • Fever,
  • Paranormal activity,
  • Snake bites, and
  • Restlessness