Healing is a completely natural process without any side effect. Every human is blessed with the same kind of healing powers the only thing is we need to understand and accept the fact that the more we trust divine energies the more we get the blessings from the universe.

In the healing process, healer takes the energy from the universe and then transmits the same energies to the recipient and it heals the disease of the patient at its deepest level. Healing energies heals the inter-cellular memory of the patient in which all the past life karma, our life patterns etc are stored. Healing is very fast and effective process of handling the issues related to the emotional, mental, physical and other issues.

Healing energy knows exactly which part of the body, mind or soul needs the healings and then it automatically flows there.

Now a day’s even science has also accepted the positive impact of healings on the patient’s body, as modern science can heal the patient at the physical level but not at the emotional level and almost every disease starts because of the emotional or mental imbalance and if we heal the root cause than the problems lying at the physical level starts vanishing from the body.

There are different kinds of healing and every healing modality has a unique way of healing a person. In some healing modalities healer sends the healing energy through his palms, whereas some healing modalities are based on the symbols and affirmations. But the purpose of all healing is same and that is to increase the vibrational level of the person so that his/her body starts self healing process, also to clear the old and negative patterns which are saved in the inter-cellular memory. It is a process of detoxification, relaxation and release at a profound level, which helps your body to adjust and heal spontaneously at its own pace and in its own way.

Healing is a very gentle process and it has no side effects. On the rarest of the occasion someone might feel some discomfort at the initial level those discomforts are the part of the healing crisis, which normally fades away within 3-4 days. Such discomforts are called as “Healing crisis”.

Anybody can opt for the healing sessions, it is a myth that only an ill person needs the healing. Healing energies are like food which is required by everyone.