We humans are a social animal with an intelligent thinking brain, feelings which are both spiritual and physical and a will that lets us perform actions and take decisions according to our whims, fancies and requirements.

But, in spite of all our claims of superiority over the animals, the elements, flora, fauna etc, there are certain areas in which we find ourselves helpless and inadequate.

One particular facet of our mortal existence is that we are very possessive and attach great significance of our worldly possessions and relationships which we cherish thoroughly.

As far as material possessions are concerned beautiful, costly and rare things attract us and we can own them but all the riches of this world cannot find you a soul mate, a true companion. And, come to think of it, it does not cost anything to find one; just what has been pre-ordained.

Learned people call it your spiritual half and declare that it is something planned and decided prior to our birth; a presence which you can consider to be closest to your heart, body and spirit or a combination of these aspects.

But, your intended soul mate may not be waiting with arms open and a wide smile, also it’s mandatory that our life partners are our true soul mates; they might be our Karmic accounts also. During my spiritual journey I have seen so many couples who are together but they are not their soul mates.

So, what are the signs and symptoms of a soul mate? I would say that this cannot have any prescribed multiple-choice answer. Only time and tide can be the judge, jury and executioner of this dilemma.

The relationship is quite straightforward and proceeds smoothly but not always. Some of these relationships can be utterly tempestuous and full of varying emotions ranging from disdain to outright loathing and hate.

Let us not just beat around the bush and analyze objectively the traits of a real soul mate. We have agreed that soulmates provide happiness, help, spiritual enhancement, harmony and satisfaction to the other half. They encourage and support the other in becoming a better and balanced person.

The intention is always to augment the strengths and cover for the weaknesses in your soulmate. The beginnings of a soulmate relationship are quite confrontationist at times with scorn thrown in for good measure.

The general attributes of a true soulmate normally manifest themselves as honest, straightforward, sincere, mostly offensive and sometimes hurting with their candidness. Thus, they prove that true friendship never ruins smoothly.

In the famous words of Jerry McGuire, “They make each other complete.”

You may harbor a million images of all that is good and compatible but those fantasies take wings when you find that special soul, who may be totally different than what you thought was what you wanted.

So, if you are brave enough to move away from your romance checklist, open your eyes and your heart to unexpected possibilities, you might just be one of the lucky ones who find their true soul match. You will suddenly be hit by a railroad that derails all those fancy, romantic visions that you had created.

Sometimes the realization takes decades to come while, in some unfortunate cases, they just pass by. Unfortunate are those that do not find their soulmate but much more unfortunate are those who do not realize on time that here is my soulmate.

Some symptoms that you’ve found your soulmate when:

  • You vibrate at the frequency of other person
  • You feel comfortable and peaceful with someone,
  • You think alike but compromise on disputed issues.
  • You miss each other at every occasion of separation.
  • You anticipate and intercept the thoughts and actions of the other person.
  • The other person’s pain is discernible to you;
  • Nothing much needs to be said or communicated.
  • You know their faults but accommodate them unconditionally.
  • You don’t feel jealous.
  • You avoid being unpleasant.
  • You are prepared to apologize.
  • Being together is the ultimate experience you need.
  • You retract from an argument just to please.
  • You keep reiterating your love not only by saying it; your actions also confirm your love.

Between soulmates there is only love, unconditional love, without expecting anything from your spiritual companion. The purpose of Soul mate relation is to just give. This is a beautiful relationship that a human experience in his or her life, provided you should get and recognized your true soul mate. Almost everyone has a soulmate, whether they know it or not; or, whether they acknowledge it or not.

Life becomes more beautiful when you get your divine companion. As I said earlier it’s not mandatory that your life partner is your soul mate, soul mates enter in our life in different forms, may be as a friend, guide, mentor, guru or as a lover. Be open to receive the love from universe.

“I open my arms

I open my mind

I open myself

I open my body

I open my chakras

I open my spirituality

I open my soul

I open myself completely

To accept Divine Love from Universe”