Angels are the light being which helps us in our all areas of life. Since birth every human being has minimum 2 guardian angels with them, they are like our parents in the spiritual / angelic world. They are always around, they are always ready to help us and guide us. But to get their help and support we need to call them. None of the angels interfere in our lives until and unless we allow them or we seek their help in our lives. We need to call them or evoke them.

It is a myth that angels are only available in Christianity, but the fact for the angels or spirit guides there is no religion or caste. We have given the name of the angels according to our own religions or understanding. Guardian Angels loves us unconditionally, their purpose is to help their kids and to uplift them in every area of life. When you evoke your Guardian angels they give you the sign in this physical world. The person who is energy sensitive can easily feel the presence of their guardian angels.