It is everybody’s desire that his life should be happy, prosperous, fun-filled, healthy and satisfying; consequently, many fervent demands and entreaties are made to all the deities and powers that we believe in. Man, as is popularly known, lives on hope and a huge amount of time and money is expended in trying to assuage various entities and powers that we believe control our lives.

But, all that the right thinking people desire and pray for is health, happiness and peace.

To shield you from the adverse effects of some unfavorable celestial movements which may have some adverse effects on your life, the people resort to help from some sciences and other practices which are touted by their proponents to provide help in keeping you safe from the anticipated ill effects of such movements.

This considered text meant particularly for the customers, followers and lovers of Reiki and other forms of alternative medicines because, believe me no amount of cures and treatments can ever match the growing pain and suffering arising out of injuries, weaknesses, ailments and disease. Hence, this guided healing technique, which does not involve invasive procedures, is a novel reply to their aspirations.


Simply stated, Reiki is a healing process; one which can only be performed by a trained practitioner capable of controlling and harnessing the energies and channelizing the positive energies to aid your body processes to be restored.

Those treated have reported feeling a sublime, natural glow to the whole being and providing a sense of overall well-being. It is known to provide relief from almost all ailments, maladies, diseases while relieving emotional stress; it also restores the body processes and resources.There is also a line of thinking that is attributable to the development of Reiki since the receiver of the life force education or “attunement” does not necessarily require a high intellect or learning.

It targets the whole being namely:

  • Body,
  • Mind,
  • Emotions and
  • Soul

While it is considered a natural method of providing relief without the fear of side effects, it has the advantage of working simultaneously with other treatment forms. It originated in Japan and its name means “spiritual guided energy of life force”.

It is not a religion and does not have any dogmas to be observed. It bases its beliefs and practice on the presence of a life force energy which, when channelized through the body, provide a healing effect internally from stress and other negative occurrences; the result is a calm glow and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

Its name is derived from the Japanese language which does not provide an exact translation due to its nature which has the habit of using the same words in various contexts; the first component is Rei which speaks of a superior power which runs and shapes the world and its activities. The second component is KI which is described as a non-physical force which is instrumental in promoting life in all life forms both animal, plant or otherwise.

Reiki has received attention and popular acclaim in the recent past with thousands being trained in this novel method of healing. Reiki Training is another novel aspect of this growing healing for; training is not like other traditional forms of teaching, rather it is the empowerment of the students by providing him access to a large reservoir of energy which he can utilize for channelizing through the bodies of his patients for their well-being.

Since Ki is the source of life in a living being, its exit results in the death of the organism. It is also known as Chi in the Chinese and Prana in Indian studies. Ki is stated to be the life force energy that strengthens the body and the mind when it is available in abundance; on the other hand, its weakness or insufficiency has a negative effect on the health.

Ki is provided to the body through:

  • The air we breathe,
  • The food and other matter that we consume,
  • A good sleep which helps us recharge our cells and
  • The sunshine which rejuvenates us.

Breathing exercise, meditation and physical exercises are known to strengthen and rejuvenate the Ki of the body; its disruption causes malfunctions of the organs and other parts. It is affected by your mind and its thoughts so the state of your mind also has a bearing on the life force energy and Ki, a fact corroborated even by western experts.