Black magic is practiced since ancient times and even the residents of the most advanced countries are prey tom its devastating powers; even highly religious leaders like Prophet Mohammad could not avoid being affected by the black powers; most of the time it is difficult for the victim to know that he is being targeted.

It is all a matter of black and white and darkness and light; light conveys hope, enlightenment and light conveys visibility and clarity while darkness is the exact negative of all that is bright. Darkness is the conveyor of fear, lack of clarity and vision and is supposed to represent the darker and evil entities in this world.

So, dark is evil and white is pure and positive and even the intentions of the human race are seen in those hues. Duality and deception reigns on the minds of people who have an axe to grind; Black magic is the art of using the knowledge of supernatural powers to invoke certain evil entities to cause harm, mentally or physically.

The person, who seeks to harm another, is normally a vindictive person, motivated to inflict injury or loss. The practitioner of black magic is normally strong-willed. They undergo severe penance and physical exercise and train mind through mantras and other means to gain control over celestial beings, good or evil.

Hate, vindictiveness, jealousy or intense anger is the basis on which such actions; black magic is capable of destroying any or all aspects of the victim’s life. It may adversely affect:

  1. The family life and relationships,
  2. Job, Business, Financial position,
  3. Creates medical problems, tensions and misunderstandings,
  4. Destruction of happiness, peace of mind, and
  5. Radical changes in behavior or even death.

In most cases the present and future of the victim is utterly spoiled and made miserable. It all happens while the victim is not even aware that he has been affected.

Psychic Attacks

A psychic attack may simply be described as the influence of potent negative energy that may be sent your way by someone deliberately or unconsciously intention to inflict harm:

  1. On your physical state of well-being,
  2. On any aspect of your life or your family,
  3. On your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state.

It is known that it is a negative form of energy since its intention is to assuage the hate, anger, jealousy or other negative emotions; it may or may not always be intentional or sent consciously, though. Such unconscious attacks do not have any negative emotions behind them but, when done deliberately, the intention is always to cause you harm and disturb the harmony and happiness in your life; that is what may be called sorcery, black magic, witchcraft, spell-casting or other negative or dark practices.

The psychic attack, most of the times is less about the victim; it is basically about the negative feelings or weakness of character of the attacker; it is their anger, fears and jealousy that makes them have this negative feeling against you and motivates them to inflict physical, mental, spiritual or financial harm on you.

Most of the times, the deliberate attack is the handiwork of as peeved, frustrated mind whether they show it outwardly or not. It is the dark side of their psyche that impels them to send negative thoughts and energies your way.

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

Here are some examples of what you may experience whilst under a psychic attack.

  1. Frightening nightmares,
  2. Lethargy or listlessness,
  3. Experiencing unexplained pains,
  4. Vomiting, dizziness and depression,
  5. Seeing shadows around you or as if someone is watching you,
  6. Marks of scratches on your body, and
  7. Feeling suicidal or feeling that you are getting a heart attack.

How to Heal Psychic Attacks

  1. Be Strong,
  2. Take stock and be aware,
  3. Seek advice,
  4. Maintain positivity,
  5. Send loving thoughts: to heal the attacker’s weaknesses,
  6. Protect Yourself, and
  7. As far as strong attacks of black magic and psychic attacks are concerned, it is suggested that a powerful healer might be requisitioned to provide treatment.
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