Aventurine is one of my favourite crystals and on regular basis I use this crystal specially in case of creating prosperity crystal grid for my clients. Aventurine is very powerful and positive stone for attracting abundance in life. It has strong connection with divine kingdom. Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic radiations and environmental pollution. Wear this crystal in the form of pendant, mala or bracelet as it works like a protection shield.

At psychological level, Aventurine helps in attaining leadership qualities and helps in taking important decisions. It promotes compassion and empathy. It stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and helps in enhancing creativity. Aventurine is very helpful in bringing together the intellectual and emotional bodies, balancing of these two bodies helps in better understanding of situation and a person can easily understand the point of view of other person.

Aventurine is also helpful in balancing and protecting Heart chakra (Anahat Chakra) from the devilish energies which sucks the emotional energies. At the physical level also Aventurine is very helpful in healing thymus gland, nervous system. It improvises communication skills and telepathy.

It balances blood pressure and helps in lowering cholesterol, people having heart attack history should wear this crystal. Powerful effect of aventurine reduces the chance of further heart attacks. Wearing Aventurine doesn’t mean that a person should stop taking medicines as prescribed by his / her doctors. Aventurine works as a supportive system to the medical science. Apart from this Aventurine helps ease skin eruptions and allergies, relieves migraine headaches, and soothes the eyes. Aventurine heals the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart, and muscular systems. As an elixir, it relieves skin problems.

Aventurine comes from India, Italy, Brazil, China, Nepal and Tibet. Green Aventurine is mainly used in case of attracting abundance in life. Blue Aventurine helps in healing neurological issues. Other colors of Aventurine are Red, Brown and Peach.