Man has, since the onset of time, been obsessed with his well-being and that of his kind; in so doing, a bevy of treatments and cures were developed but all were not very popular.

Over the millennia, while all medical streams and beliefs developed, the organized medical community reached certain conclusions and definitions pertaining to its profession by compartmentalization of medicines into:

  1. Conventional medicine: That which is backed by proper scientific studies and inferences recorded and proved as per the laws of medicine and showing specific healing effects and not contradicted by facts; e.g Allopathic medicine,
  2. Alternative medicine: is any healthcare stream which is not logically proved by adoption of established scientific experimentation, differs from biomedicine, or is capable of being refuted, disproved or contradicted through scientific methods; examples are Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki, Alternative Healing modalities, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aroma therapy etc
  3. Complementary medicine: is another type of alternative medicine that may be safely used along with medicines belonging to some other stream of treatment, including the conventional medicines. They are used as a support system to the mainstream conventional course,
  4. Integrative medicine (or integrative health) When a patient is undergoing treatment with medicines of the conventional medical practice, is also prescribed or allowed to consume medicines drawn from any other stream of medicine, it results in a process name integrated medicine. This course of action would depend largely on the attitude, knowledge AND his attitude and approach of the doctor to alternative remedies.

A vast amount of time and money has been expended by the practitioners and supporters of alternative approaches to understand the real reason behind the reoccurring disease.

During the initial days of Alternative therapies due to their inability to authenticate their procedures and medicines continue to attract such sobriquets and are dismissed since some of them are based on religion, its superstitions and some objectionable actions and approaches in their practice. Now in the modern era, Infact science has also acknowledged the positive impact of these alternative therapies and some hospitals has a separate department to treat patients through these healing, alternative therapies.

Some of the main stream alternative therapies are


Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine that is the culmination of the ancient studies and works of sages in India; it is popularly practiced for thousands of years and is now an established and a very effective form of alternative medicine in the western countries too. Its advantage stems from the absence of side effects since it uses herbs, specialized diets, massage, balms and concoctions to benefit body, mind, and spirit.


Homeopath is another novel, and much practiced, and advocated the theory of “fighting fire with fire” to induce a favorable reaction when the cause of the ailment is enhanced; this concept has also been prevalent in the conventional method of medicine.

Its treatment envisages the administration of minute amounts of medication to stimulate the natural systems of the body; the medication is highly diluted and given after conducting a thorough examination of the symptoms; its efficacy is established and well-known.


Reiki is actually energy-healing which believes life to originate in plants and animals on a life energy force that activates life by its presence; its absence causes death. The vital systems are treated by channelizing the flow of energy to restore the balance of the mind, body and spirit.

It can be performed over a long distance or by touch. It is very effective in case of Depression, anxiety, fear, arthritis, body pains, emotional Imbalancing etc.


Acupuncture immediately conjures up a vision of needles, it actually envisages the titillation of the nerve endings through a series of pricks at specific points of your; there may be other ways to stimulate your nerves but the needles are the main course.

It has been found to provide miraculous relief from such ailments like chronic pain and some mental problems.


Acupressure is a close cousin of acupuncture with pressure being used to titillate the nerve ends or pressure points; the tools used are fingers, hands, and other tools to apply pressure at selected pressure points to manipulate and set right Qui or Chi, the life energy. It seeks to restore the balance of the mind and body by unblocking meridians to allow free flow of positive energy. It is found effective in reducing nausea in chemotherapy patients and in anxiety disorders in pre-surgical cases.

All these alternative medicines and healing modalities are completely safe, without any side effect and effective also.