What are Akashic Records?


There are different definitions of Akashic Records, here I am sharing the definition on the basis of my experience, Akashic records are the different dimensions of a soul which are in the form of energy waves/threads which are beautifully placed in the universe and these energy waves contains the records of a soul since its 1st incarnation. These records are in energy form not in physical form. At times, it is difficult for a human mind to believe or even visualize such a huge object which has no physical form. Our conscious mind is programmed to easily interpret things which have a physical form as they can be seen or touched, but with invisible things it becomes challenging to interpret, for example, It is easier to visualize earth, as every one of us have seen it in pictures, but in case of Air, it becomes difficult to visualize as we have not seen its physical structure or shape.

Akashic Record is like a memory chip of a soul which has stored the entire soul journey. These records are not only limited to human beings; every living and non-living thing has its own record.

What information is stored in Akashic Records?

Our Saints, Gurus, and ancestors have written millions and millions of books and scriptures on subjects, e.g. Universe, galaxies, stars, life-forms, science, politics, self-realization, mystic powers, beej mantras, sounds, spirituality and many more, in fact, it is difficult to even imagine the topics. But unfortunately, today we do not have physical access to many of these books and scriptures, since the majority of them are damaged. It is believed and also scientifically proven that our ancestors were more advance than us. They stored all this precious knowledge in the universe in the form of energy in such a way that every book looks like an energetic record. Who knows, some of us also might have written some books on some mysterious topic of the universe and stored them as energetic data and we are not even aware of this.

Akashic Records are infinite and they are like a library. This Akashic library has books on countless topics like physics, chemistry, mystic powers, etc. and most importantly our OWN SOUL book which contains all the secrets of our journey ever since our inception.

Hence, to summarize, Akashic Record has

  • Information related to our core personality, soul group and journey.
  • Information related to any kind of curse, soul contracts, past life karmas, the effect of which we are carrying with us in our current life.
  • Information related to our higher self.
  • Information related to name any topic of the Universe.
  • Information related to mystic sounds and much more.

Akashic Records help us in understanding the core reasons behind our current life challenges; it helps us in making a better version of ourselves. Once we start accessing the records, we are able to understand that we all are far above and beyond this physical existence. We are limitless, this physical boundary which is our body is just an Illusion and we are trapped in this illusion. Our Akashic Records / Soul records show us ways to work ourselves out of this trap. Akashic Records help us in understanding the mistakes (negative choices) we have made in the past and the ways to rectify them.

It is said and believed that our future is also stored in our Akashic Records, but in all wisdom we should always remember that WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR OWN DESTINY.