The most simple and understandable meaning of Akashic Records would be that all occurrences in each person’s life do not just vanish; they continue to exist on an astral plane; it is more like a recording of all your words, thoughts, actions, intents, events and emotions in a large database that keeps on recording everything.

In fact, someone has equated the Akashic Records with a Supercomputer and it is believed that they are interactive and cast a vital influence on our current thoughts, beliefs and relationships and behavior patterns.

These writings are also referred to as God’s book of remembrances and all that is recorded gets automatically classified as bad, evil, good or neutral. There is no individual or occurrence that escapes this book of Akashic Records. In other words these are micro chips which records each and every second of a soul journey and these records can be accessed at any moment. The volume of the Akashic Records cannot be estimated and its powers are beyond human reasoning and understanding.

The Akashic records are the vital link between each one of us, all feelings, behaviors and relationships are saved in this vast library; they to inspire all dreams and thoughts while they also propel us to new ideas and thoughts.

But, since they are believed to be a part of the divine mind, they are capable of making adequate judgement and categorizing our thoughts and actions as neutral, indifferent, good or bad; in effect, they are the only true judges of all our actions, behavior patterns, thoughts and actions.

Thus, they can be the vital tool that allows us to seek guidance, leads and learn lessons of goodness after self-analyses.

It has also been seen that references to these Akashic Records, or The Book of Life, have been part of almost all the religions, cults and beliefs; there exist numerous references in the old and the new testaments and in many other stories, myths, folklore in scriptures and texts.

Akashic records can be traced back in history to the Semitic people with most of them carrying this belief with slight variations in each of their philosophies; it is known that even Indians, Arabs, Hebrews, Babylonians, Phoenicians and Assyrians spoke of these were positive about the records of individuals and their detailed histories.

Reading Akashic Records

Gaining access to the data stored in your account is a relatively easy job if you are equipped to actually find and read your Akashic Records; it is there in the astral plane where all the records pertaining to you exist, every single one of them.

You do need knowledge or training of Astral Projection and how to develop the capability to read the Akashic records that pertain to you specifically; that is where we come in. For all

Another vital requirement to access the library of Akashic Records is the motivation which bears more relevance than skill; intentions of a malicious nature or borne out of just inquisitiveness; experts suggest that you should adopt the approach that seems to be easily practicable to you; anything within your comfort zone.

Reading Akashic Records that pertain to you is quite easy since it is believed that a copy of your Records is always with you; this is what permits psychic reading which is mainly intuitive; you need not go anywhere to read it.

  • You need to be focused,
  • Get into a meditative frame of mind,
  • Detach yourself from all conscious thoughts, and
  • Making yourself as receptive as you can.
  • Reveal / accept all that you see in your records whether good or bad.

Nothing is unacceptable; moreover, everything depends on your knowledge and understanding of life; nothing more, nothing less. A reading can only be as deep as your understanding of life.

The common ritual for you to read your Akashic Records is as follows:

  1. Start with some Pooja or meditation,
  2. Enter a pure state of mind,
  3. Voice your intentions with love, truth and reverence, and
  4. State that you accept everything that is true with love and light.

Experts are of the considered opinion that reading the Akashic Records only out of curiosity may not yield adequate results; like, asking about your previous life may convey to you what you were in one of your previous lives. The question asked here should be precise and with a view for problem-solving.

It is not only necessary to understand what the Akashic Records are; a very thorough master needs to be found to take you to that stage where you are not only able to read your own records, but also those of others.

There are various styles and philosophies on which the training or practice to read is imparted; most of the trainers are utilizing a three-step course of training but there may be a difference of approach between the teachers who belong to different faiths.

The Buddhist teacher may adopt a strategy diagonally opposite to that which a Chinese practitioner may impart but generally, the following is the plan in most training programs:

But, the common factor that is almost universally practiced and taught to the disciples is normally beginning with a prayer; so, after the prayer has been performed to bring your mind and soul to a balanced state, we come to the actual training that takes you deep into the study of Akashic records.

The learning stages

  1. The first stage of coaching entails teaching you the basics of Akashic Records both theoretically and with some physical and mental exercises that depend on your trainer’s ability, understanding and depth of the level of ability.
  2. In the second stage, you graduate to a higher plane where you are taught to open the Akashic Records pertaining to others; quite a difficult job but, in the hands of a focused master, you gradually learn the ropes.
  3. In the third stage, it becomes more and more complex as you go deeper into the practice of reading, exploring through the art of proper questioning, investigating through your acquired knowledge and healing.

Opening the Records is for aligning ourselves to the vibrations of the soul of the person who is being trained; it also protects us through the benign powers of the teachers, Lords and God himself.

Secondly, perusing the records brings your past, future and present in focus; this permits you to remove hurdles that are preventing your soul to achieve integration with God and godly presence.

All illusions and mind blocks are within your powers to rectify or remove.