Magical, Out of the world experience

The experiences and visions were just fantastic. The way master has explained the things was too good. Magical! Out of the world experience and felt that i have spent these 2 days in angelic world. Great!

Chetna Singh

A man of great knowledge and patience

I have participated in Online prosperity reiki workshop with Hemant Sir, n have to say that it has been one of the best experiences which I have had. He is a man of gr8 patience and knowledge and dedicates a lot of time for his students n is one of d most selfless person I have ever communicated with. Thank u so much. Gratitude.

Nihar Gandhi

Wonderful experience throughout!

The journey of meditation has brought a turning point to my life. Hemant has been a very good Mentor throughout this journey in balancing my energies and directing me towards spiritual enhancement. The experience was unbelievable & cannot be explained in words as my own feelings. I am honoured that I could get such a peaceful platform to look forward positively in my life with change.

Komal Mehta

Mesmerized by the magic of Angels

I am really greatful for the excellent services provided by Mr. Hemant. The card reading was absolutely accurate and has changed by life. Thanks to Reiki Paradise.

Tapasya Narang

Changed my view about life

My sister suggested me to speak to Hemant Ji and I just want to thank her that she made me meet him. He has really changed my view.I feel more blessed now because of Hemant ji’s guidance. He is a man with such great power but is still a person who is always down to earth and has got patience to listen to all our query’s. After speaking to him,he made my day by saying the true facts about my life which is the best part about him. Only one thing I would say is Thank you so much for being such a great personality and helping us(the need full people)

Astha Shrivastava

Beautiful Connection

It was a wonderful angelic experience specially the part where Mr. Hemant helps in establishing the connections with angels and archangels through our heart chakra. Worthwhile workshop!

Neha Sharma

Incredible Hemant

Hemant is truly a gifted individual like no other. The accuracy of his readings have left me speechless and so thankful that I have had the opportunity to avail of his help to make things right in life. I most strongly reccommend that more people take advantage of his divine gift. Hemant you are truly a blessing in all our lives!

Aditi Chandra

Reiki 3rd Level Online Workshop

It was great experience to learn 1st 2nd and 3rd level Reiki from Hemant Sir. He shared full knowledge with us and solve all our doubts. It was amazing experience to learn from him we always feel positive vibes from him. Thanks for making me a healer for others..

Yukti Maurya


I have opted for my house healing as there were some kind of darker energies. Mr. Hemant has suggested us the healings and after healings now we can feel the peace at our place. Thank you Mr. Hemant!


Excellent! Excellent! Excellent

The behavior of Mr. Hemant is very cordial and friendly who listens and cares for you by explaining each and every minute details. The ambiance is perfect and over all experience is excellent.

Kunal Singh

Great Experience

I came to Hemant sir when nothing in my life was going right, and through the angels’ guidance interpreted by him, I got the satisfaction that things will get better and they did, eventually. I’m really thankful to Hemant sir for getting me through that difficult times. His readings were accurate and very encouraging. I would highly recommend his services to anybody seeking guidance through difficult phases of life.

Nupur Gupta

Billion Stars………

Must share this….I was a Part of Wealth creation group. It was superb, fantastic spiritual journey to attain happiness. I learnt that happiness (money) can come into small packages and not in terms of physical money….gaining good results in all front in also equivalent to attaining wealth. I can tell this that HEMANT is my first spiritual guru. The way dedicates energies into the tasks is awesome. A great supporter always. Definitely would rate reiki paradise 100 stars and HEMANT. ….A BILLION STARS.

Janki Mail

Finally, I can manifest the money in my life!

The journey of almost 2 months has been simply wonderful. Understood many new aspects about myself. feel more connected to innerself and empowered now. Hemant is a fantastic guru, very humble and patient and this journey with him has been simply divine. God bless him with more spiritual powers and may he reaches higher realms of divinity and abundance of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Rina Gupta

Powerful experience!

I heard about Lama Fera a few days back from a Reiki GM and was searching for a good teacher. God brought me here and I am so glad for that. It was very different and the energies during workshop and meditation was very out of the world. Hemant is a very polite and friendly teacher who teaches in very patient and calm manner and makes his students feel at ease. Glad to connect with a kind soul 🙂 Lots of best wishes and blessings .

Swati Bhardwaj

Whatsapp workshop was like live session

Kundalini Reiki workshop on whatsapp was like live session. Hemant ji charted out the curriculum in the beginning and thereby each day he would share notes videos audios to teach us in detail. He hand held us and answered our silliest questions. It was a very systematic detailed class. We learnt more then we expected. He also shared manuals at the end. There was a mini test for the class too. By far this was the best class in have attended on whatsapp. I m sure the experience to attend his live class would be completely different. Also Hemant ji diagnosed my problems correctly. His healings are helping me magnificently. I m truly grateful to him.

Mona Gandhi

Wonderful association!

I was introduced to Reiki Paradise through a close friend.Extremely skeptical and primarily out of curiosity, I enrolled for a Reiki Healing workshop in 2015… there has been no looking back…my 1 years association with reiki paradise has helped me overcome many fears and emotional issues, some of which I wasn’t even aware existed.

Deepika Madusiya

Wonderful Tarot Card Workshop

Hemant Sir- Thankyou so much for your guidence and extended help in clearing all doubts..you are truly an amazing mentor..thankyou so much for this tarot reading class..have enjoyed it alot and i know i have asked so many questions..� but i can’t help..i am very curious when it comes to learning new things..lot of love and blessings to you�

Looking forward for Master’s workshop

Sonali Gaur

life full of love

I have no words to thank Hemant, he has now become my friend, philosopher and guide. He was instrumental in changing my life. My married life was on the verge of divorce but with angel card predictions I got hope that the situation could be turned around. Healing undertaken plus regular guidance and support from Hemant helped me sail through my toughest time.My bonding with my life partner turned into a loving affair..this is something i had never even dreamt of …I owe this positive change to Hemant.


Too Good!

Mr. Hemant is a very humble teacher. I enjoyed the course full time. Just perfect!

Kavita Jaggi

Accurate Reading

First of all I wish to Thank Hemant for accurate reading for me n my husband. .Actually u came like an Angel to us. .I definitely recommend his reading also wish him goodluck. . thank u Reikiparadise. . Waiting for ur office in Australia 🙂


Shown me the positive side of the life

What to say about Hemant, his reading is 99.99% accurate. His readings has helped me to overcome so many problems that I would not have been able to manage, he is very helpful when it comes to reading, he not only does the reading but also tells you what all things you can do to actually avoid things that are harmful, today if I am happy in my personal and professional life is only because of his reading. Today I can proudly say that he is not only a reader for me but also a good friend…

Anju yadav

Very Informative!

I have enjoyed every section of Reiki Workshop. My experience was very different and its going to be very useful for handling my health issues.

Surabhi Aggarwal


I have got my card reading done. It was an amazing experience.The solutions provided were easy yet very effective. I feel blessed to have met Hemant. He is a gifted person and very helpful.The guidance has helped me a lot in solving my personal problems.He helped me restore my peace of mind and motivated me to walk the spiritual path.I am so glad I met him and his guidance will always be valuable for me.I am really grateful to universe and him for being with me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!



Much! Much! more than an awesome experience.Felt the presence of Angels. also got the chance to felt their power. The presentation was really different as compare to other workshops. It was more of a practical exposure rather the theoretical.

Sapna Khushwaha


This is one of the best experience of my life. Wonderful, I am completely speechless. Perfectly crafted course / workshop conducted by Master Hemant. I am blessed to find a teacher like him.

Rupali Chawla

Very Exciting & Refreshing

Workshop was full of magical rituals and divine invocations.. It was a practical workshop.. And that is why different from others.. About MR Hemant Pasrija ji.. He is a very humble, down to earth, patient teacher n teachers directly in connection with ascended masters.. Master Hemant makes workshop interesting by adding new things at unexpected time.. N course content was simply guided by heaven.. So it was meant to be splendid n v v v special n unlike any other !! Glad to find a teacher, mentor like him.. destiny brought me here.. Or to say correctly.. My angels

Swati Bhardwaj

Soothing Experience

This was essentially important for me to engage with my life positively. However, my life style did not let me relax. It is only because of the magical divine healings that i have achieved the state of tranquility.

Priya Narang

Divine and spiritual experience

i have taken 15 days of meditation sessions. My tolerance has increased and my life has changed due to it. It was such a deep and smooth experience. It felt as if my life was like a boat and sailing in smooth water. Mr hemant is such a gentle person that he helped me meet my true self. I think everyone should have a guide like him. God bless him and the society.Thnaks again

Parigya Sharma

Magical experience

Hemant is an expert and a wonderful healer. He can change lives. For me when I approached him, was the time when I had lost all the hopes in life. And at that very moment getting direction that too so positive and answers to my problems was like a boon. His readings and predictions changed my life. I would always recommend everyone whom I know or don’t know, if you feel there is no way and when all the doors are closed, one person you can think of is “Hemant”. Thanks a lot Reiki Paradise. Keep changing lives for better as always… 🙂

Akanksha Shrivastava

And magic begins….

First of all i want to thank hemant for changing my life.He is an expert and all his readings are absolutely accurate. I was going through a really bad time.then i got his help and magic begins.now m living a happy and satisfied life.All thanks to hemant .God bless him.

Anjali dahiya

Feeling Blessed all the time

I learnt Lama Fera and Angels Therapy from Hemant after these courses i am connecting with Divine Energies more easily all the time i feel more closer to my god and my loving Angels i really wanna thanks to Hemant Bhaiya who encourage me and always ready to serve whenever i needed.Now i can fell the divine energies deeply. Thanku so so much.:)

Rishu Kamboj


I’m happy that I can look forward with the timely changes. mr. hemant help me to be positive in my approach. His guidance help me to be positive in my daily life. Thanks. God Bless to continue the service.


Gifted Hemant

One of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Hemant has a divine reach that enables him to help and allow for a brighter tomorrow. I remain forever grateful and can vouch for Hemant’s ability and his sincerity. I will be going back many times over.

Namrata Mathur

Angels healing

Hemant provided my tarot card reading with such insightful accuracy. I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances through hemant thoughtful explanation. . I loved my tarot card reading . He explained everything so I Could understand each card clearly . I would recommend him to anyone that has a question in their life they need some help with . Thanks and good luck . Regards Akshatha.

Akshatha Rao

Its really helped me alot

Its really helped me a lot and i m really thankful to mr.hemant for his efforts on my life. After Healings my life has changed like anything…thanx a lot brother…

sachin subhash kumavat


It was a wonderful workshop and i enjoyed it very much. Hemant sir has explained each and everything in detail.

Yukti Maurya

Awesome Experience!

It was an awesome experience, worth in every sense! Very nicely taught and explained. For me, i have started a new journey with the guidance of Hemant Sir. A big thanks and please be the same. With lots of love and blessings.

Akanksha Shrivastava

Beautiful Experience

I have been part of online kundalini Reiki workshop. Its being a great experience for me. Thank you so much for teaching Hemant.. Thanks a lot

Sakshi Kapoor


It was a fantastic workshop. I enjoyed it completely. Mr. Hemant has explained the things in very detailed manner.

Shashi Mundra

Hemant is a wonderful healer

Hemant is a wonderful healer and a therapist. I availed Magnified Healings and results have been amazing. I wish him all luck and wish him to continue with the same heart based approach towards his endeavors.


“karma is your life and living that karma is your destiny”

i was curious to know more about readings and healing process so i made a decision to get a reading done from Mr Hemant… when i met him i instantly felt a connection and i knew i had come to a place where the solution of all my problems will be provided.i couldn`t believe that he cured my backache through reiki within 3-4 minutes of healing.. he is a brilliant healer…when i got my angel cards reading done, then and there i bestowed my trust in him because of his accurate reading, guidance and solutions…i even got a chance to learn magnified healing from him…truly a magnificent experince..proving him to be an exceptionally good teacher as well…i have been blessed to meet a gifted person like Mr Hemant Pasrija. Thank you so much.

jherrna b sharma

Marvelous & Unimaginable

It was the perfect workshop. During the workshop, i felt the presence of angels, my intuitive power has increased like anything. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Ruchika Jain

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