reiki paradise

Reiki Paradise

“Listen to your intuition, as it will tell you everything you need to know”
reiki paradise

Reiki Paradise

At the Reiki Paradise, we join the world of angels, divine powers and light beings with the purpose of solving the problems related to emotional, mental, physical and psychological issues.

At the center we cure our clients through Reiki Healing, Angelic Healing, Lama Fera, Magnified Healing, through past life regression sessions and meditations. We do help people to confront psychic, black magic and evil eye cases as well. Reiki Paradise is managed by a group of experienced and well qualified Reiki & Angelic Healers who work with the purpose to serve the society and work for its betterment. We provide quality healing and counseling to individuals and help them overcome their problems. Our aim is to provide these divine healing services at the center as well as at people’s doorsteps; so that every individual may take blessings and associate with the divinity.

 At Reiki Paradise we believe in spreading happiness and unconditional love; we value and respect the individuality of everyone who visit us for any sort of help or support. We always maintain confidentiality and treat everyone as our own family. At Reiki Paradise we keep on innovating and devising different and unique methods of healings and all our techniques are absolutely safe, natural and without any side effects.

 Kindly, come to us and enjoy the divine Reiki & Angel Blessings.

Our Mission

We recognized that there is a need to spread awareness amongst individuals about the self-healing powers, as well as the powers of angels and divinity. Modern life and competitive atmosphere has imposed immense pressure upon individuals and they have lost a positive and a desired connection with the natural world, with the powerful energies of body and soul and with divinity. We help individuals in the ascension of soul through devotion and self realization.

We empower people to raise their own vibrational frequencies aiming to not provide a temporary solution but to create permanent and positive effects on their personalities, their atmosphere and all dimensions of life. We help our clients to realize the potential of their subconscious mind and inculcate a lifestyle that remains compatible with healing energies of one’s self.

Master Hemant Pasrija

Our Vision

The ideal society that we have envisioned will constitute of individuals who shall spread unconditional love and instill emotions of forgiveness and acceptance. These steps, we believe, shall help in creating a balanced earth which is full of divine love, divine power and divine wisdom. The communities will be formed on the foundation of divine unconditional love and mutual acceptance. We provide a platform where we not only educate but help people participate in healing processes.

We want people to become self reliant, self efficient and to use their own self healing powers to heal themselves and their society as well.

We shall help you to create your own destiny in a joyous and prosperous world.


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