Tarot Card Reader


Numerous people are CURIOUS ABOUT their future. While others would like to know about their future, some would just use this knowledge as a guide for them in dealing with their daily lives. Among many divinations Tarot gives us the guidance and predictions for the future.

A current deck contains 78 total cards. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor arcana cards. Each card in the Major Arcana is numbered from 0-21 and represents the story of the Tarot. The Minor Arcana are much like supporting actors in a play and help to put the entire story together.

Tarot cards are quite and interesting and age-old method of accessing your inner knowledge. They are a method of accessing your intuition that you can have some fun playing around with. After getting comfortable with the cards, you will begin to learn the absolutely fascinating stories that they tell, and those stories all reside in your subconscious just waiting to be told and understood.

To help you master the art of Tarot Divination we offer following Certified Tarot courses:


After this course you should be able to read the cards for yourself and for others also and to get initiated into the world of Tarot.

The course content includes:

1. Introduction to Tarot.

2. Structure of Tarot (How tarot works and how it helps).

3. The Major Arcana (learn how to use them as milestones in your life today).

4. Upright card meanings.

5. Understanding of the Tarot cards.

6. Reading and Interpretation of the Tarot Cards.

7. Basic Tarot spreads.

A Tarot Card Set of 78 cards & a Tarot Manual will be provided to the students along with the course.


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