Magnified Healing®


After doing the Magnified Healing® you will become a certified “Master Teacher in Magnified Healing®” and afterwards you can conduct courses or can do healings of self and others. With the blessings of Kwan Yin you will be able to heal the negative Karmas of any individual and can help them to live a happy and balanced life.

This is a One full Day workshop with “Kwan yin” the Buddhist goddess of unconditional love and mercy.

Topics covered:

1. Meditation.

2. Invocation of Kwan yin.

3. Alignment of spiritual centres (chakras) and clearing of light channel.

4. Magnifying your hands energy thousand times.

5. Sensitize, awaken, rewire and connect the nervous system.

6. Scan and heal the body and stimulate the calcium in the spine.

7. Absent/distant healing.

8. Organ Transplant.

9. Healing the earth.

10. Healing of karma and expansion of the three fold flame.

11. Practice of all healing techniques.

Magnified Healing® Course Fees Structure Include.

  1. Original Master Teacher Certificate of Magnified Healing®.
  2. Original Study Manual.
  3. Original Essence.

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