Mercury! The Planet of Personality and Consciousness

Mercury! The Planet of Personality and Consciousness

Mercury is the planet that is closest to the Sun. Its symbol represents all the three symbols that are used in astrology,

  • The cross manifestation of the Earth,
  • The circle of spirit, and
  • The uplifted crescent depicting an elevated personality.


It is neither a feminine planet nor a masculine one and has the habit of reflecting everything that it comes across; that is why it is said that it is Silver. The amount and complexity of your consciousness is directly proportional to the number of aspects that you have with mercury; the more the aspects, the higher will be your personality and consciousness.

The closest aspect is of vital importance since it is the need of reflective mind to have more aspects to be able to expand. The attention of the native remains focused depending on the positioning of the houses.

It is the receiver of messages from god to human beings while also serving as the internal link that communicates between our personality and the innermost soul; moreover, it also maintains a link between the mundane and the external self.

In effect, it symbolizes those channels of communication and the perceptions of sense that is utilized by the divine spark resident within us, which represents our true self, to organize and direct the internal infrastructure of the body just like a well oiled machine.

This link remains intact till such time that the personality is rational and balanced but ceases when a person loses his sanity, the vital communication link from the divine spark within but there are other doors to communicate through; the eyes and the ears still remain active for the almighty to communicate his wishes to us and talk to us.

Mercury is the ruler of:

  1. The senses (as differing from sense organs),
  2. The skin,
  3. The shoulders, arms and the hands,
  4. The lungs and the respiratory system,
  5. The nervous system, and
  6. Communications as a whole.

Thus, it symbolizes all the means of communication like TV, Radio, writing, Oratory and written communications.

Moreover, it also signifies:

  • Siblings (particularly sisters),
  • Reasoning,
  • Intelligence,
  • Logical rationalizing,
  • Reasoning powers,
  • Assimilation of education,
  • Power of perception, and
  • Undertaking short journeys.


Mercury is a planet that goes retrograde:

  1. For three week periods,
  2. It happens three or four times in a year, and
  3. The occurrence of the retrograde mercury is in 20% i.e. one-fifths of all charts.
  4. Note: Mars is retrograde in 10% i.e. one-tenth of all charts while Venus retrograde occurs in about 7% of all charts which translates to one-fourteenth of all charts.

 When your Mercury is retrograde, there appears an Rx sign against the numbers indicating its position; they may appear something like 26*.10’ Rx in the charts.

The natives who have retrograde Mercury need to be extra careful while dealing with data; it should be analyzed and then disseminated; comments may irritate a native because they relate to everything personally.

Zodiac signs ruled

There are two rashis ruled by Mercury:

  1. Virgo: wherein it collects data, processes it, forms opinions and chooses what to do with it, and
  2. Gemini: For thought processes and communications wherein it compares, perceives and links.

Own sign (Rashi) are Gemini and Virgo.

Own day is Wednesday.

Direction is north.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is 25 days.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is 10 months.

Main Features   Intelligent, hence called Budh (clever).

Nature is mixed.

Color is Light Green and Green.

Friendly Planets are Rahu, Venus and Sun.

Enemy Planet is Moon.

Neutral Planets are Jupiter, Saturn and Mars..

Exalted in Virgo.

Debilitated in Pisces.

Favorable Metals is Lead.

Precious Stone is Emerald.

If well placed it gives a good position, clever mind, Business acumen and the native can be a good mathematician.

 If adversely place it gives the native an irritating and arrogant nature.

Body parts ruled The nervous system and skin.

Diseases given by Mercury Skin ailments, Obsessive nature and giddiness.

Mars! Masculine Planet in Astrology

Mars! Masculine Planet in Astrology

It is stated that Venus and Mars display qualities that are diagonally opposite to each other but the similarities between them are too many and too identical to ignore; in fact, scientists conducting high level of research into the history, atmosphere and evolution of Mars and Venus call them identical twins.

The observation of the atmospheres of both Mars and Venus exposes the fact that the atmospheres of these planets are being eroded and stripped away into space. This also gives rise to the belief that mars might have supported life somewhere in the past.


Mars is the red planet and these are the attributes of a masculine planet in all his fury; it symbolizes confidence and courage. For the choice of an occupation, Mars represents the martial nature of the native and it is connected to The Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, Builders and Engineers. Militancy and Marketing are also under the influence of Mars.

A short tempered and argumentative nature is the common trait of Mars; when in ascendancy, it provides a younger look, administrative and operational skills.

Whenever Mars is malefic, it provides huge advantages to those natives whose ascendants are Cancer and Leo; this condition is called Yogakaraka.

Also, since Mars rules Scorpio and Aries signs, under its influence, Leo Scorpio natives develop secretive aggression while Aries natives display open aggression.

While controlling passion Mars gives rise to a high level of sexual urges; it is also a very significant hindrance or delaying factor on the marriage of Manglik natives. The importance of matching the horoscopes of the would-be bride and bridegroom is of supreme importance since, if not detected, the mangal dosha may result in marital discord, arguments and fights and may even result in divorce or separation. In severe cases, one of the persons in matrimony may die due to its influence.

The representative of Mars is Fire and Mars functions as the defender of the Solar System. Mars is also a hot planet providing energy that is highly destructive; its influence causes wars, accidents and natural calamities that is why they call it a malefic planet.

The two planets are seen to be similar in their passion and sensuality but, while Venus is the epitome of unification through love and attraction, the influence of Mars has the effect of dispersing, separating and dividing all.

In effect, Mars is the representative of the forceful and divisive ego of the self, demanding and fighting for rights and asserting your selfish individuality.

Mars symbolizes the Chi and represents the potent sexual organs, not the sexual energy alone; it depicts:

  • Your active energy and drive,
  • How you obtain what you want?
  • Your motivations,
  • Your ego,
  • Your initiatives, survival, courage and conflicts,
  • Your competitions and goals, and
  • Your sexual urges, whims and fancies.

It is simply the force behind your feelings and their expressions that are collectively called passion.

In the physical form, it controls and regulates:

  • The nose,
  • The male genitals or ling,
  • The musculature, and
  • Red blood Corpuscles.

In your astrological chart, the house containing Mars is where all the action is and where your energy is processed; this is also the point where you will find all the unfinished business with regards to discord, strife and tensions.

In the female chart, it will denote the perception that she has of the male sexuality.

Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and Aries which are opposite to Taurus and Libra, the signs ruled by Venus; thus, the relationship between Venus and Mars on your chart will decide as to what your urges, responses and instincts will be towards the opposite sex as also when you will expose your aggression or passivity.

With Mars, the matter means more than the spirit and carnal desires take ascendency over intellectual aspirations; this depicted in the old symbol for Mars. Here, the need to be an assertive individual is more important than being cooperative and societal.


A retrograde mars is seen in one out of every ten charts; it also remains retrograde eleven weeks out of every 25.5 months which translates into about 9.5% of the time. The retrograde position is indicated by an Rx sign against it in your chart. This retrograde aspect is rarer only in Venus with it being retrograde 7% of the time. Retrograde position of Mars has a devastating effect since the energy to achieve is missing and frequent delays are experienced.

Those natives whose Mars is retrograde should concentrate inwards and derive proper conclusions by repeating their actions to get a proper insight; a classic example can be found in Freud the great philosopher who dedicated his whole life to internal analysis. His Mars was retrograde.

Own sign (Rashis) are Scorpio and Aries .

Own day is Tuesday.

Direction is South.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is 45 days.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is One and a half years (approx).

Facial Features   are resentful.

Color is Red.

Friendly Planets are Sun, Jupiter and Moon.

Enemy Planets are

Neutral Planets are Venus and Mercury.

Exalted in Capricorn.

Debilitated in Cancer.

Favorable Metals is Copper.

Precious Stone is Red Coral.

If well placed it gives high position, Wealth and prosperity.

 If adversely placed it provides Jealous and arrogant nature.

. Diseases given by Mars Restless nature, Tension and Blood problems.

Moon! The Planet of Love

Moon! The Planet of Love

The Yin and Yang principle holds true for the solar system and the universe in general; for all negative or derogatory entities, there is also the existence of a counter; that is the law of balancing that holds sway in this universe.

The Sun is the life-giving divine spark that ignites the matter for the creating of life but that too requires a Yin for its Yang – a counter to its act of creation. That role is taken over by the Moon that complements the creation of life by nurturing and nursing the life that grows.

The Planet of Love

The moon is the loving receptacle that receives the offerings of the basic spark that is the matter of which all beings are composed. That is the reason why the Moon is always exalted in Taurus, the reasoning being that Taurus is the zodiac sign for material, substances, receptive nature and even the season of spring since that is the season for producing seeds and flowering and blooming life.

Since the Moon represents motherly affection and care, it is also known as Chanda Mama since the Indian folklore has placed the maternal uncle’s love quite close to that of his sister.

The moon is dependent solely on the light of the Sun which it reflects and it is only half of the personality of the Sun which is at our core; the phases of the Moon keep wavering and so do our emotions and affairs. It is the Moon’s house which affects us the most.

The Moon is the only planet that affects us to the maximum because it represents the Yin principle of passivity and receptivity and affects the following:

  • Our emotions,
  • Nurturance,
  • Our motherly image,
  • Our habits and behavior,
  • Memory and sub-conscious mind,
  • Childhood, Family,
  • Childbirth, Pregnancy and fertility,
  • Children and young people,
  • Matter,
  • Public consciousness, and
  • In a man’s chart, his wife, the women in his life

As far as the physical aspect of the Moon is concerned, it controls the following vital parts:

  • Heart,
  • Eyes,
  • The stomach,
  • The Solar plexus,
  • The chest area,
  • All fluids of the body,
  • Secretions from the body and glands, and
  • Regulation of the flows and the circulatory system.

Its control of the fluids does not stop in our physical manifestations, the control extends to the existence of fluids in nature too; the Moon has a direct effect on the oceans and the behavior of their tides.

Affliction of moon

Since the Moon is all about nursing, nurturing, caring and supporting its derogatory phases can have a devastating effect on the psyche of a native with the following problems when you have an afflicted Moon:

  • You feel dejected, Alienated and lonely,
  • You have a feeling of being incompetent or worthless,
  • Estranged from all ,
  • Problems in Pregnancy, fertility and childbirth.

Diseases caused by the Moon

  • Tension,
  • Weak eyesight,
  • Heart problems, Depression,
  • Tuberculosis,
  • Cold and Cough, and
  • Respiratory problems.

Characteristics of the Moon

The minimum distance from the Earth:   363 Km

The maximum distance from the Earth:  405 Km

Radius of the Moon                              :    1738 Km

Age of the Moon                                  :    4 to 5 billion years

The Moon consumes: Twenty seven days, Seven hours, Forty Three minutes and eleven seconds to make one round of the Earth; it is called a sidereal month in Astronomy.

To regain this position i.e. for another new Moon, it consumes Twenty Nine days, Twelve hours and Forty Four minutes between consecutive new moons; this month is called Lunation or Synodic month.

Own sign is Cancer.

Own day is Monday.

Direction is North West.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is 324 days.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is 27 days.

Facial Feature Beautiful round face.

Color is White.

Friendly Planets are Moon, Jupiter and Mars.

Enemy Planets are Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.

Neutral Planet is Mercury.

Exalted in Taurus.

Favorable Metals is Silver.

Precious Stone is Pearl.

If well placed it gives wealth and prosperity.

 If adversely place it gives rise to jealousy and arrogant nature.

The Moon and the Yogas formed by it

To make an assessment of the likely events and to arrive at the type of personality, nature and other individual traits of a person the sages and scholars have been making a deep study of the constellations and their effect on the characteristics of behavior, the following Yogas have been seen:

  1. Sunafa Yoga: This Yoga occurs when there are planet(s) in the 2nd house from the Moon except Ketu, Rahu and Sun; the occurrence of this Yoga in the chart is considered auspicious and provides and self-made, happy life with a positive outlook, intellect and wealth. In case of the planets being malefic, reduced benefits or nil benefits may result.
  2. Anafa Yoga: This Yoga is created when there planet(s) in the 12th house from the Moon other than the Sun, Rahu and Ketu; here again the presence of benefic planet is the provider of a healthy physiques and an amazing personality with high acclaim and respect showered on him by the community; government authorities are favorable.

Mercury provides communication skills and Jupiter makes him religious, scholarly and charitable. Venus makes him a womanizer while Saturn may provide troubles and hurdles

  1. Durudhara Yoga: This Yoga is formed when there are planet(s) on either side of the Moon other than Rahu, Ketu and the Suni.e both Sunafa and Anafa Yogas are present in the chart; benefic planets make him:
  • Intelligent,
  • Rich,
  • Renowned,
  • High status,
  • Trustworthy and

Malefic presence will make him cruel, untrustworthy, Womanizer. The degree of such planets has to be studied for each such planet in this yoga as against their lords.

  1. Kema Druma Yoga: this situation arises in the chart when there are no planets on either side of the Moon except the Sun, Rahu and Ketu. The Moon becomes isolated without any supporting planets giving the native an isolated, lonely existence.
Sun! Symbol of Divine Spark

Sun! Symbol of Divine Spark

The Sun is the center of our Solar System in more ways than one; life on Earth is created due to the heat produced by the sun and the continued sustenance is also due to its energy-giving heat.

The Solar system

The Sun is the core of the Solar System that includes all the gravitationally controlled bodies like the planets, comets, moons, asteroids etc; the word Solar  is derived from the Roman God, Sol and is similar to Helios the Greek god of the Sun.

The Vikings had another theory that forecasted the birth of a daughter to the son and the birth of another luminous body.

It is also supposed to be the centre of the Solar System and influences the movement of all the planets that revolve around it owing to its massive gravitational pull.

Mythology and Astrology

The Sun has been described in Vedic astrology as the soul of every person. In Hindu mythology and astrology, Surya is the god that symbolizes the divine spark in each of us since it happens to be the premier astrological entity in our astrological persona.

It is the representative of our, spirit or consciousness our physical and mental strength and is the integrator of all other planetary entities and is believed to be the light at our center or core.

As the Yang it has its counterpart in the Yin which is the Moon which is quite passive; together they are known as the lights; your relationships are ruled by the aspects between the Sun and the Moon.

A strongly placed Sun in your astrological charts provides the individual with boundless energy and an enlightened vision but there is also the presence of a selfish need for acclaim and recognition from those (like the planets of the Solar System) on whom this light shines.

The Solar effect is that they have a magnetic personality, and an awe-inspiring presence with the tendency to reach positions of authority and they are front rankers in everything they do.

When the Sun is in conjunction with Saturn, it depicts fatherly or authoritative or dominating influences; it may be your father, your mother or senior sibling or even your guru or a guardian whose authority you have experienced in your life.

If adversely placed in your charts, it may give you an arrogant, jealous and mean nature.

In the case of the astrological chart of a female, the Sun represents the personality of the men in her life which depicts her husband mainly but also includes the other authoritative figures. An upright spine is the sign of an upright nature and courage.

In astrology the Sun rules Leo while in the human physique it rules the:

  1. Circulatory System,
  2. The Heart,
  3. Brain,
  4. Lungs,
  5. The spine, and
  6. The Thymus gland.

Diseases due to the influence of the Sun are:

  • Heart Problems,
  • A weak bone structure,
  • Palpitations,
  • Weak eyesight,
  • Headaches,
  • Epilepsy, and


Own sign is Leo.

Own day is Sunday.

Direction is east.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is one month.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is 12 months.

Facial Features are Roundish face with Honey-colored eyes.

Color is Orange.

Friendly Planets are Moon, Jupiter and Mars.

Enemy Planets are Venus and Saturn.

Neutral Planet is Mercury.

Favorable Metals are Copper and Gold.

The Sun and the Yogas formed by it

The ancient science of astrology has been vastly developed in ancient India and a lot of research has been conducted by the Rishis and Sages; these studies have resulted in deep insights based on the combinations of planetary positioning and their effect on the events , happenings and the actions of individuals due to those specific positioning of the planets.

These situations are called Yogas and the nature of their effect varies according to whether it is the Sun with which these Yogas are formed or the Moon or any other specific combination of Planets on the chart.

The important Yogas formed by the Sun in combination with other planets and their mutual positioning are:

  1. Vassi Yoga: This is a Yoga formed when the twelfth house from the position of the Sun is occupied by a planet or planets other than Ketu, Rahu and the Moon; malefic planets give positive results while the reverse is true for benefic ones. The individual will be spiritually inclined, intelligent, charitable and hardworking to the liking of authorities and seniors.

      2. Veshi Yoga: The presence of a planet or planets other than Ketu, Rahu or the Moon in the 2nd house from the Sun               forms this Yoga and, here too, the effect of this Yoga being beneficial or derogatory will depend on the planets being            malefic or benefic to the Sun. The individual will be a self-made, well-connected, attractive and determined person. He         will lead a happy and honest life but will be troubled with financial problems which could be heightened if malefic                   planets are existing in this Yoga.

       3. Ubhayachari Yoga: This Yoga is formed when there is a planet on both sides of the Sun but Ketu, Rahu and Moon          are not involved. Benefic planets will make the individual resourceful, pleasant and highly educated while malefic                    planets will reduce the good effects of this Yoga.

Sun depicts the power and charisma of an individual. A spark which illuminates the overall personality.

Luxuriating with your lover with Tantric sex!

Luxuriating with your lover with Tantric sex!

It is all a question of belief when it comes to spiritual matters, their practice, and the benefits derived from them but, there is another aspect to it, some sort of faith in the practices or of their proponents who may be a known person whom you trust or a renowned guru who carries the faith of a number of people.

Then, there is question of need to adopt rituals and practices that you think are required by you, your body, or your lifestyle. Once you think that you really want or need to adopt something, the next step is the most vital one that is viability or feasibility.

Tantric sex? Try it!

The drudges of everyday life are a big dampener to the spirit in us that requires to explore everything, to feel everything and, in the end, enjoy everything as it is meant to be. In your routine daily lifestyle you may be getting all the material things that this world can provide; yet you may be having that internal feeling of loss, of craving for something more than you have now. During such a period, even the mind does not function efficiently in that, everything is in front of you but is not crystal clear; the integrity of your thought processes is scattered; so, what do you need?

Sex is the need not only of your body but also of your soul; that is why, sometimes, it is the biggest dissatisfaction. It may be the result of getting bored and distracted with your sex life and unable to pin down the exact reason or its remedy. If you are not enjoying your sex life and if you want to ignite a new powerful spark than Tantra Sex is the right process for you.

Sex is a part of our daily life and it is one of the best ways to release stress. Sex always doesn’t mean organism ejaculation, true sex means love making. Love making is to understand the need of your partner, is to feel your partner to the extent that it not only touches your body or emotions but it should touch your Soul.

What Tantric sex does?

Let us envisage two situations for practicing the sublime act of sex which the ancient yogis perfected to a fine art; Tantric sex is the ultimately satisfying experience which the union with your spouse or with your spiritual partner can provide.

Through Tantric Sex you can scale the heights of your physical union and get skyrocketed to heaven; such is the out-of-this-world experience that you seem to have revved up your sexual pleasure by quite a few notches.

Tantric sex is being enjoyed through practices that are perfected by more than 5000 years in Hindu practices of coital bliss; anybody can do it. Tantra sex is a part of Kundalini Awakening which is a part of our soul ascension. This is a divine process and these days it is being widely accepted in many societies now. But there is a rejection too.

It is simply an awakening, utility and expansion of the feelings that you enjoy in the sex act, it need not be a brisk, rushed, and steamy act of penetration, ejaculation and back to work.

It is an unhurried act to release the pent up energy and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. It is also like the intoxication that you get from a fine in which the highs you experience are slow, unhurried as also the receding effect which is gradual and calming to the whole being.

Though it is not just about getting an orgasm, yet the mind, body, and soul connection is amplified multiple times and you may experience mind shattering orgasms as a result of Tantric Sex.

Tantric Sex, also known as Tantra Sex provides you access to unique depths of carnal pleasure that brings you to the base level and makes your mind and body explode like an internal volcano. While the lovemaking is like a slow rise to a boiling liquid, it leaves a euphoria akin to the cooling of glowing ambers; slow and blissful.

What is the need?

The ecstasy that you experience is multiplied manifold when you practice prolonged Tantra sex; for achieving the full benefits you need to have patience and devote sufficient time before you can reach the sublime pleasure that you seek.

For extracting the true potential of Tantric sex:

  1. Inhibitions have to be set aside so that both can be intimate enough to explore each other minds, body and sensual points,
  2. It serves to rejuvenate the physical and sensual feelings of the sex act with your partner.
  3. It helps to develop intimacy and harmonious sex-filled life.

Performing the act

  • Just let yourself flow with the tide; set no goals,
  • Do not make an agenda of things to do things; tackle them with love as they arise,
  • Give yourself up to pleasure your lover,
  • Explore his/her body to find the sensual points in his/her anatomy,
  • Enjoy the foreplay
  • Focus only on love; not on orgasm. It should happen on its own,
  • Organism should be the foremost from your mind. Tantric experts use various delaying tactics like meditation, massages, breath control to put off the inevitable. This also intensifies the pleasure and drowns you in the sensations that result from release.

Tantric sex: Some hints

If you want to give it a go, try the following:

  • Try to create an ambiance of solitude, peace and luxury,
  • This can be made more subtle by dimming the lights
  • Start by turning down the lights and shutting out the rest of the world,
  • Create anticipation in your senses,
  • Meditation and focusing inwards may help in preparing to flow in sexual energy,
  • Listen to your breathing and look inwards.

Other experts in the field advocate other techniques like:

  • Brisk movements of the body and limbs to loosen up,
  • Keeping away from the bed during foreplay,
  • Stretch out anywhere that your lover desires,
  • Titillation with
    1. Light massages,
    2. Touches of feather, and
    3. Strokes and touches.

Try prolonging the sex act as long as possible; get ready to shower your love while luxuriating in the gentle love and touches of your lover. Only then will you enjoy tantric sex to the fullest.

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Akashic Records! Memory Chip of a Soul Journey

Akashic Records! Memory Chip of a Soul Journey

The most simple and understandable meaning of Akashic Records would be that all occurrences in each person’s life do not just vanish; they continue to exist on an astral plane; it is more like a recording of all your words, thoughts, actions, intents, events and emotions in a large database that keeps on recording everything.

In fact, someone has equated the Akashic Records with a Supercomputer and it is believed that they are interactive and cast a vital influence on our current thoughts, beliefs and relationships and behavior patterns.

These writings are also referred to as God’s book of remembrances and all that is recorded gets automatically classified as bad, evil, good or neutral. There is no individual or occurrence that escapes this book of Akashic Records. In other words these are micro chips which records each and every second of a soul journey and these records can be accessed at any moment. The volume of the Akashic Records cannot be estimated and its powers are beyond human reasoning and understanding.

The Akashic records are the vital link between each one of us, all feelings, behaviors and relationships are saved in this vast library; they to inspire all dreams and thoughts while they also propel us to new ideas and thoughts.

But, since they are believed to be a part of the divine mind, they are capable of making adequate judgement and categorizing our thoughts and actions as neutral, indifferent, good or bad; in effect, they are the only true judges of all our actions, behavior patterns, thoughts and actions.

Thus, they can be the vital tool that allows us to seek guidance, leads and learn lessons of goodness after self-analyses.

It has also been seen that references to these Akashic Records, or The Book of Life, have been part of almost all the religions, cults and beliefs; there exist numerous references in the old and the new testaments and in many other stories, myths, folklore in scriptures and texts.

Akashic records can be traced back in history to the Semitic people with most of them carrying this belief with slight variations in each of their philosophies; it is known that even Indians, Arabs, Hebrews, Babylonians, Phoenicians and Assyrians spoke of these were positive about the records of individuals and their detailed histories.

Reading Akashic Records

Gaining access to the data stored in your account is a relatively easy job if you are equipped to actually find and read your Akashic Records; it is there in the astral plane where all the records pertaining to you exist, every single one of them.

You do need knowledge or training of Astral Projection and how to develop the capability to read the Akashic records that pertain to you specifically; that is where we come in. For all

Another vital requirement to access the library of Akashic Records is the motivation which bears more relevance than skill; intentions of a malicious nature or borne out of just inquisitiveness; experts suggest that you should adopt the approach that seems to be easily practicable to you; anything within your comfort zone.

Reading Akashic Records that pertain to you is quite easy since it is believed that a copy of your Records is always with you; this is what permits psychic reading which is mainly intuitive; you need not go anywhere to read it.

  • You need to be focused,
  • Get into a meditative frame of mind,
  • Detach yourself from all conscious thoughts, and
  • Making yourself as receptive as you can.
  • Reveal / accept all that you see in your records whether good or bad.

Nothing is unacceptable; moreover, everything depends on your knowledge and understanding of life; nothing more, nothing less. A reading can only be as deep as your understanding of life.

The common ritual for you to read your Akashic Records is as follows:

  1. Start with some Pooja or meditation,
  2. Enter a pure state of mind,
  3. Voice your intentions with love, truth and reverence, and
  4. State that you accept everything that is true with love and light.

Experts are of the considered opinion that reading the Akashic Records only out of curiosity may not yield adequate results; like, asking about your previous life may convey to you what you were in one of your previous lives. The question asked here should be precise and with a view for problem-solving.

It is not only necessary to understand what the Akashic Records are; a very thorough master needs to be found to take you to that stage where you are not only able to read your own records, but also those of others.

There are various styles and philosophies on which the training or practice to read is imparted; most of the trainers are utilizing a three-step course of training but there may be a difference of approach between the teachers who belong to different faiths.

The Buddhist teacher may adopt a strategy diagonally opposite to that which a Chinese practitioner may impart but generally, the following is the plan in most training programs:

But, the common factor that is almost universally practiced and taught to the disciples is normally beginning with a prayer; so, after the prayer has been performed to bring your mind and soul to a balanced state, we come to the actual training that takes you deep into the study of Akashic records.

The learning stages

  1. The first stage of coaching entails teaching you the basics of Akashic Records both theoretically and with some physical and mental exercises that depend on your trainer’s ability, understanding and depth of the level of ability.

2. In the second stage, you graduate to a higher plane where you are taught to open the Akashic Records pertaining to                 others; quite a difficult job but, in the hands of a focused master, you gradually learn the ropes.

3. In the third stage, it becomes more and more complex as you go deeper into the practice of reading, exploring through             the art of proper questioning, investigating through your acquired knowledge and healing.

Opening the Records is for aligning ourselves to the vibrations of the soul of the person who is being trained; it also protects us through the benign powers of the teachers, Lords and God himself.

Secondly, perusing the records brings your past, future and present in focus; this permits you to remove hurdles that are preventing your soul to achieve integration with God and godly presence.

All illusions and mind blocks are within your powers to rectify or remove.

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