Black Magic! Darker Side of Energies

Black Magic! Darker Side of Energies

Black magic is practiced since ancient times and even the residents of the most advanced countries are prey tom its devastating powers; even highly religious leaders like Prophet Mohammad could not avoid being affected by the black powers; most of the time it is difficult for the victim to know that he is being targeted.

It is all a matter of black and white and darkness and light; light conveys hope, enlightenment and light conveys visibility and clarity while darkness is the exact negative of all that is bright. Darkness is the conveyor of fear, lack of clarity and vision and is supposed to represent the darker and evil entities in this world.

So, dark is evil and white is pure and positive and even the intentions of the human race are seen in those hues. Duality and deception reigns on the minds of people who have an axe to grind; Black magic is the art of using the knowledge of supernatural powers to invoke certain evil entities to cause harm, mentally or physically.

The person, who seeks to harm another, is normally a vindictive person, motivated to inflict injury or loss. The practitioner of black magic is normally strong-willed. They undergo severe penance and physical exercise and train mind through mantras and other means to gain control over celestial beings, good or evil.

Hate, vindictiveness, jealousy or intense anger is the basis on which such actions; black magic is capable of destroying any or all aspects of the victim’s life. It may adversely affect:

  1. The family life and relationships,
  2. Job, Business, Financial position,
  3. Creates medical problems, tensions and misunderstandings,
  4. Destruction of happiness, peace of mind, and
  5. Radical changes in behavior or even death.

In most cases the present and future of the victim is utterly spoiled and made miserable. It all happens while the victim is not even aware that he has been affected.

Psychic Attacks

A psychic attack may simply be described as the influence of potent negative energy that may be sent your way by someone deliberately or unconsciously intention to inflict harm:

  1. On your physical state of well-being,
  2. On any aspect of your life or your family,
  3. On your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state.

It is known that it is a negative form of energy since its intention is to assuage the hate, anger, jealousy or other negative emotions; it may or may not always be intentional or sent consciously, though. Such unconscious attacks do not have any negative emotions behind them but, when done deliberately, the intention is always to cause you harm and disturb the harmony and happiness in your life; that is what may be called sorcery, black magic, witchcraft, spell-casting or other negative or dark practices.

The psychic attack, most of the times is less about the victim; it is basically about the negative feelings or weakness of character of the attacker; it is their anger, fears and jealousy that makes them have this negative feeling against you and motivates them to inflict physical, mental, spiritual or financial harm on you.

Most of the times, the deliberate attack is the handiwork of as peeved, frustrated mind whether they show it outwardly or not. It is the dark side of their psyche that impels them to send negative thoughts and energies your way. 

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

Here are some examples of what you may experience whilst under a psychic attack.

  • Frightening nightmares,
  • Lethargy or listlessness,
  • Experiencing unexplained pains,
  • Vomiting, dizziness and depression,
  • Seeing shadows around you or as if someone is watching you,
  • Marks of scratches on your body, and
  • Feeling suicidal or feeling that you are getting a heart attack.

How to Heal Psychic Attacks

  • Be Strong,
  • Take stock and be aware,
  • Seek advice,
  • Maintain positivity,
  • Send loving thoughts: to heal the attacker’s weaknesses,
  • Protect Yourself, and
  • As far as strong attacks of black magic and psychic attacks are concerned, it is suggested that a powerful healer might be requisitioned to provide treatment.
  • Lama Fera Healing is one of the most powerful healing modality to get rid of Black magic etc.


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Alternative and Complementary medicines

Alternative and Complementary medicines

Man has, since the onset of time, been obsessed with his well-being and that of his kind; in so doing, a bevy of treatments and cures were developed but all were not very popular.

Over the millennia, while all medical streams and beliefs developed, the organized medical community reached certain conclusions and definitions pertaining to its profession by compartmentalization of medicines into:

  1. Conventional medicine: That which is backed by proper scientific studies and inferences recorded and proved as per the laws of medicine and showing specific healing effects and not contradicted by facts; e.g Allopathic medicine,
  2. Alternative medicine: is any healthcare stream which is not logically proved by adoption of established scientific experimentation, differs from biomedicine, or is capable of being refuted, disproved or contradicted through scientific methods; examples are Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki, Alternative Healing modalities, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aroma therapy etc
  3. Complementary medicine: is another type of alternative medicine that may be safely used along with medicines belonging to some other stream of treatment, including the conventional medicines. They are used as a support system to the mainstream conventional course,
  4. Integrative medicine(or integrative health) When a patient is undergoing treatment with medicines of the conventional medical practice, is also prescribed or allowed to consume medicines drawn from any other stream of medicine, it results in a process name integrated medicine. This course of action would depend largely on the attitude, knowledge AND his attitude and approach of the doctor to alternative remedies.

A vast amount of time and money has been expended by the practitioners and supporters of alternative approaches to understand the real reason behind the reoccurring disease.

During the initial days of Alternative therapies due to their inability to authenticate their procedures and medicines continue to attract such sobriquets and are dismissed since some of them are based on religion, its superstitions and some objectionable actions and approaches in their practice. Now in the modern era, Infact science has also acknowledged the positive impact of these alternative therapies and some hospitals has a separate department to treat patients through these healing, alternative therapies.

Some of the main stream alternative therapies are


Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine that is the culmination of the ancient studies and works of sages in India; it is popularly practiced for thousands of years and is now an established and a very effective form of alternative medicine in the western countries too. Its advantage stems from the absence of side effects since it uses herbs, specialized diets, massage, balms and concoctions to benefit body, mind, and spirit.


Homeopath is another novel, and much practiced, and advocated the theory of “fighting fire with fire” to induce a favorable reaction when the cause of the ailment is enhanced; this concept has also been prevalent in the conventional method of medicine.

Its treatment envisages the administration of minute amounts of medication to stimulate the natural systems of the body; the medication is highly diluted and given after conducting a thorough examination of the symptoms; its efficacy is established and well-known.


Reiki is actually energy-healing which believes life to originate in plants and animals on a life energy force that activates life by its presence; its absence causes death. The vital systems are treated by channelizing the flow of energy to restore the balance of the mind, body and spirit.

It can be performed over a long distance or by touch. It is very effective in case of Depression, anxiety, fear, arthritis, body pains, emotional Imbalancing etc.


Acupuncture immediately conjures up a vision of needles, it actually envisages the titillation of the nerve endings through a series of pricks at specific points of your; there may be other ways to stimulate your nerves but the needles are the main course.

It has been found to provide miraculous relief from such ailments like chronic pain and some mental problems.


Acupressure is a close cousin of acupuncture with pressure being used to titillate the nerve ends or pressure points; the tools used are fingers, hands, and other tools to apply pressure at selected pressure points to manipulate and set right Qui or Chi, the life energy. It seeks to restore the balance of the mind and body by unblocking meridians to allow free flow of positive energy. It is found effective in reducing nausea in chemotherapy patients and in anxiety disorders in pre-surgical cases.

All these alternative medicines and healing modalities are completely safe, without any side effect and effective also.

Relationship Harmonization through Healings.

Relationship Harmonization through Healings.

Amongst the many sources of joy and happiness in life are the relationships that we have with the loved ones around us; these relationships, physical and spiritual go a long way in providing happiness, joy and fulfillment to us by sharing their positive influence with us.

So also, it is an established fact that the people around you certainly have an impact on you and your inner self because of the influences which they carry in their life forces. The compatibility of our life forces is known to have a great positive impact on our relationship and our mutual compatibility.

A healthy relationship goes a long way in providing us peace, comfort, contentment, joy and fulfillment. Thus, it will be seen that the charm and joy in our lives is directly attributable to the presence of healthy relationships with those we love, romantic or otherwise.

But, things do not remain the same leading to and a lot of imbalances result from estrangement or separation from our loved ones. The energies flowing through our being get imbalanced. The reasons may be one or many but they create untold tension and stress in a normal person. These days number of relationship issues has increased significantly and one of the major reasons behind all this is Stress. Almost everybody is overburdened and running pillar to post to settle their lives financially but in this race most of us forget that love, compassion and a healthy family relationship is the main stream of an individual life. If this area is right than rest of the things will automatically start falling in place. Another reason for relationship issue is Anger, expectations, frustration etc and this is when alternative healing modalities are necessitated.

Reiki is an unfailing and effective power that helps in developing, nurturing and maintaining relationships with the warmth and commitment that we desire. What we need to know that each relationship is a living creation in that it is responsible for the proper flow and exchange of favorable energies between two people. Once this is realized, it permits us to detach ourselves emotionally and guide healing energy to heal the relationship.

Reiki Healing envisages the use of powerful healing symbols which provide you their support in achieving the closeness which you desire.

  • The first step is to identify the reason behind the gaps.
  • Purify your energies through Reiki symbol.
  • Establish a connection with your loved one through Reiki symbol or through energy cord.
  • Send some love energies which you may see with your inner eye,
  • Feel and see the past images and emotions of your relations and say the affirmations “ I forgive myself and I forgive <name of your loved one>
  • Repeat the affirmations 3 times.
  • Cover yourself and your loved one in a pink color heart and feel that both of you are surrounded by the energy of love, compassion, understanding and trust.
  • Feel the healing energies for 5 minutes, open your eyes, cut your energy cords, give thanks to the universe and all healing masters and guru mandla.

Another beautiful way of healing emotional Imbalancing is Magnified Healing®. In keeping with the attainment of higher spiritual consciousness and light we have come across a form of healing which envisages the channelizing of and maintaining a constant flow of benign energy through the multitude of spiritual powerhouses to the core of the earth. This connection when established with the Supreme Being causes a massive upsurge of potent energy through your entire being enabling your whole being to reach a state of upgrade.

Goddess of Magnified healing® is Mother Kwan Yin and she is the mother of mercy, compassion, love and forgiveness. Her energies are beautiful and very soothing also. In Magnified healing® the breath and energy are channelized throughout your being, clears your chakras, strengthens your nerves and engulfs your inner core with sublime light. You are ready for ascending to the next higher level. Magnified healing® provides warmth and a glow; the healing processes are speeded up and negative influences, patterns and phases are eliminated.

Magnified Healing® requires a slightly higher knowledge and familiarity with concepts like Chakras, Violet fire, Three-fold flame and other higher subjects like ascension.It happens to differ slightly from Reiki since the subject undergoing the healing is also an active participant while magnified healing® heals him naturally. All misplaced energies are eradicated.

Its main objectives are:

  • Sensitizing, Re-writing, awakening and re0connecting the Nervous system,
  • Removing and readjusting the calcium on the spinal cord,
  • Scanning and healing the body and mind by balancing the Chakras,
  • Rectifying the Karma and
  • Empower and activate the complete DNA strands.

The benefits of Magnified Healing® can be availed by all healthy people; it helps you maintain the equilibrium of your mind, body and spirit. Also, those diagnosed with some ailment or suffering from ill health or stress related problems can be healed.

The release of positive energy is refreshing and it unblocks emotional blockages. It cannot replace your inner strengths nor does it diagnose or prescribe. It may not be used by itself; it is sometimes combined with conventional treatments to enhance the benefit to the patient.

Apart from Reiki and Magnified Healing® there are other ways also like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Angel Healing and Karuna Reiki etc, through which one can easily heal emotional wounds. It’s always better to look for the solutions rather than shutting down the relationships.

       Love is like a river, flowing between you and me

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Channelizing the life force energy – Reiki Healing.

Channelizing the life force energy – Reiki Healing.

It is everybody’s desire that his life should be happy, prosperous, fun-filled, healthy and satisfying; consequently, many fervent demands and entreaties are made to all the deities and powers that we believe in. Man, as is popularly known, lives on hope and a huge amount of time and money is expended in trying to assuage various entities and powers that we believe control our lives.

But, all that the right thinking people desire and pray for is health, happiness and peace.

To shield you from the adverse effects of some unfavorable celestial movements which may have some adverse effects on your life, the people resort to help from some sciences and other practices which are touted by their proponents to provide help in keeping you safe from the anticipated ill effects of such movements.

This considered text meant particularly for the customers, followers and lovers of Reiki and other forms of alternative medicines because, believe me no amount of cures and treatments can ever match the growing pain and suffering arising out of injuries, weaknesses, ailments and disease. Hence, this guided healing technique, which does not involve invasive procedures, is a novel reply to their aspirations.


Simply stated, Reiki is a healing process; one which can only be performed by a trained practitioner capable of controlling and harnessing the energies and channelizing the positive energies to aid your body processes to be restored.

Those treated have reported feeling a sublime, natural glow to the whole being and providing a sense of overall well-being. It is known to provide relief from almost all ailments, maladies, diseases while relieving emotional stress; it also restores the body processes and resources.There is also a line of thinking that is attributable to the development of Reiki since the receiver of the life force education or “attunement” does not necessarily require a high intellect or learning.

It targets the whole being namely:

  • Body,
  • Mind,
  • Emotions and
  • Soul

While it is considered a natural method of providing relief without the fear of side effects, it has the advantage of working simultaneously with other treatment forms. It originated in Japan and its name means “spiritual guided energy of life force”.

It is not a religion and does not have any dogmas to be observed. It bases its beliefs and practice on the presence of a life force energy which, when channelized through the body, provide a healing effect internally from stress and other negative occurrences; the result is a calm glow and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

Its name is derived from the Japanese language which does not provide an exact translation due to its nature which has the habit of using the same words in various contexts; the first component is Rei which speaks of a superior power which runs and shapes the world and its activities. The second component is KI which is described as a non-physical force which is instrumental in promoting life in all life forms both animal, plant or otherwise.

Reiki has received attention and popular acclaim in the recent past with thousands being trained in this novel method of healing. Reiki Training is another novel aspect of this growing healing for; training is not like other traditional forms of teaching, rather it is the empowerment of the students by providing him access to a large reservoir of energy which he can utilize for channelizing through the bodies of his patients for their well-being.

Since Ki is the source of life in a living being, its exit results in the death of the organism. It is also known as Chi in the Chinese and Prana in Indian studies. Ki is stated to be the life force energy that strengthens the body and the mind when it is available in abundance; on the other hand, its weakness or insufficiency has a negative effect on the health.

Ki is provided to the body through:

  • The air we breathe,
  • The food and other matter that we consume,
  • A good sleep which helps us recharge our cells and
  • The sunshine which rejuvenates us.

Breathing exercise, meditation and physical exercises are known to strengthen and rejuvenate the Ki of the body; its disruption causes malfunctions of the organs and other parts. It is affected by your mind and its thoughts so the state of your mind also has a bearing on the life force energy and Ki, a fact corroborated even by western experts.

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How to get rid of Black Magic & Darker Energies!

How to get rid of Black Magic & Darker Energies!

Humans are not alone in this world. The planet is a living organism and many traditional cultures recognize that all spaces are permeated by awareness and energy. In this universe everything is made up of energy even our human body. There are two kinds of energies in this universe, the positive energy force which we call as “GOD” and the negative energy force which is called as the “Devil”. Both these energies do exist in this universe and this fact will remain unchanged whether we accept it or not. There are so many people who don’t believe in the existence of these negative entities or spirits. But they believe in the existence of GOD, inspite of the fact that they have never seen or felt God’s presence.

These Negative energies exists in so many different forms like spirits, black magic, tantra done by a tantric, evil eye, through wodoo and so on. These darker energies are very powerful and can create a major turbulence in an individual’s life and at times it really becomes difficult to come out of all those problems. People who are under the influence of these energies frequently face low energies, body pains, illness, depression, financial blockages and frequent deterioration in their health.

These days everyone is impatient and wants to get the results instantly. In order to achieve success they are willing to do anything unethical. During the last 22 months of my spiritual career, I have seen a lot of cases where people have opted for black magic activities with their aims to achieve love, fame, wealth and other things in their life. Instead of positive ways to achieve their desires, at times people get their results instantly but those gains are helpful for short term periods and these negative activities subsequently have negative impacts. To take revenge from others, some people do use these negative energies and others use these negative energies to attain powers in their lives. I have seen in some cases that these black magic, spirits etc come from past lives of people, like we carry forward our past life karmas in this life, in same manner some people do carry forward these forces in their current life also.

With the help of divine energies, healings, chantings and hawans etc the impact of these negative energies can be nullified. Lama Fera is one of the strongest healing modality through which one can get rid of black magic etc. This healing is specially created to get rid of these issues. Symbols of Lama Fera is very strong and effective and the results of this healing is extra ordinary. The only precondition is that one should have patience and have faith in his/ her healer. These divine healing energies works as a homeopath medicines, which starts the process little slow but when it starts working in complete flow it takes the complete control over the issues and eliminate the problem completely. Symbols of Lama Fera is a pictorial representation of 4, 50,000 divine powerful mantras.

The other powerful healing modality is Yogmaya, this is an extension of Lama Fera. It is also very effective healing. In this healing we invoke the Goddess Yogmaya to help us in coming out of these issues.

Apart from these healing modalities there are so many other angelic and magical rituals like sword banishing, master rituals, angelic invocations, Seven Layer protection shield etc which can create a strong protection shield around us. These techniques are very easy and powerful also.

It is always advisable to take the help of divine energies to solve the challenges that we faces on regular basis. Invocation of divine energies and good deeds helps in creating new positive karmas. The fire of divine energies helps in melting the negative karmas that we have created in this life and in our past lives also. Lama Fera, Yogmaya and other healing modalities, angels etc are the extension of Godly energies. So we should seek help from these energies rather the darker side of energies.

Become a channel of divine energies and create your own things in life

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Healings – How does it works?

Healings – How does it works?

Healing is a completely natural process without any side effect. Every human is blessed with the same kind of healing powers the only thing is we need to understand and accept the fact that the more we trust divine energies the more we get the blessings from the universe. (more…)

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