Angelic Rituals! Instant access to untouched treasure

Angelic Rituals! Instant access to untouched treasure

Man is a very interesting creation of god; he is blessed with some awesome faculties and some he has to practice. Both inherent capabilities and acquired ones can also be improved through hard work and disciplined training.

These latent energies and powers are derived through some sacred rituals most of which have to be learn painstakingly under the watchful eye of a trained master. Some of the most important rituals are connected to Angels who are supposed to be around us all the time; they are here to help the human race with some problems which need the help of these heavenly messengers of god.

Rituals for invoking angels have caught the fancy of people and more interest is being shown. They function as per cosmic laws and require us to pay obeisance and call on them to come to our assistance. Until & unless we don’t call them they will not be able to help us as they are bound with the universal law of “FREE WILL”.

While they intercede on our behalf, they are known to be the carriers of divine love; their powers enable them to be present at multiple locations simultaneously. For any invocation it is necessary to have complete unquestionable faith and to follow all requirements as stipulated. There are so many ways to perform angelic ritual; here we will discuss some very easy methods to invoke these divine light beings.

Candles in Angel Rituals

Angels gets attracted towards candles also lighting a candle during prayer or magic serves as a physical representation of the spiritual effort being put forth during the ritual of our choosing. Every candle color has specific purpose.

It is normally placed on a saucer during rituals. It can be lighted and extinguished daily and when discarded, it should be buried. Sigils are also a common feature during rituals because they are potent tools for use during angelic rituals or you can create an angelic alter by placing some crystal angels, sigils, your wish paper, apple and a chocolate. You can add or delete items from this alter. It’s all depends upon your divine guidance. Just follow your intuitions and have utmost faith on the invocation.

Some of the most commonly used colored candles are

RED or PINK: – These colors should be used in case of attracting love and creating harmonized energies in relationships.

GREEN: – Green should be used in rituals for attracting abundance of money, good fortune and healings.

BLUE: – This color should be used in rituals for enhancing psychic powers and activating throat chakra.

PURPLE: – Purple candles are used in rituals to obtain power over negative circumstances, personal power and spiritual obtainment.

WHITE: – White candles are universal candles and can be used for any purpose. If you are not able to find colored candles than you can use white also.

BLACK: – These candles are used in case of attracting darker energies or spirits or performing rituals related to black magic. Though BLACK color candles are not used in case of Angelic rituals.

Petitioning the angels

This is the most commonly followed way of requesting the angels to be benevolent and assist the petitioner in achieving his desires. There should be no misgivings in your heart as to the powers of the angels; they are in possession of miraculous powers including appearing at different places simultaneously.

There are Archangels who are senior to the angels and carry divine powers of a higher level than the angels. There are seven recognized archangels who are associated with the seven traditional planets. Even days of the week are allotted to them.

These angels are referred to as assisting angels and they find mention in the oldest scriptures of Christian and Jewish faiths.

The purposes for invoking the angels are:

  • Physical and Spiritual protection,
  • Healing of mind, body and soul,
  • Resolution of love affairs, and
  • Wisdom, joy and guidance.

The petition

The petitions to the angels are also done at prescribed times either in the morning or evening and the first thing that has to be done is to decide the purpose for which the ritual is required to be performed. When that is decided, the Archangel to be petitioned will have to be decided.

Preparation of body, mind and spirit is necessary; therefore:

  • Decide the mode of petition i.e. through a handwritten letter in an envelope or through personal prayer,
  • Have a bath or wash your face, feet and hands,
  • Fast for the day or sleep on an empty stomach,
  • The day may be chosen according to the chart but there is no compulsion,
  • A cloth may be spread in a clean area; candles, incense sticks and if required, a statue might be installed,
  • The candles should preferably reflect the color of the angel.

Ask and Forget is the main rule of getting faster results. Lust of getting results generates negative energies and these energies create a hindrance in getting results. So be relax and just focus on the angelic presence.

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The Regent of Healing – Archangel Raphael!

The Regent of Healing – Archangel Raphael!

In the divine world of celestial beings encompassing the higher realms of wisdom and godliness there are a number of angelic and demonic entities who have been ordained by their teachings and their chosen beliefs to carry out their specific ordained tasks.

Heading this august list is Archangel Raphael, a celestial angel whose name is revered by the followers of many faiths in the world; he is the foremost in the angelic order providing miraculous cures and healing of the highest order through his awesome powers.

The word archangel itself is enough to convey the superiority that this title connotes; It is derived from the Greek word Archi which means “First, Principal or chief” and Angels means “messenger of god”, so the Archangels means “Chief Messenger of God”.

 Archangels are actually senior in hierarchy in the faith that they emerge from and hence considered as possessing higher spiritual prowess; in simple terms, they are larger and more powerful than angels. Once we get attuned to them, we are able to possess and command some special powers whereby an unseen bond develops with these higher beings and we can feel, hear and see them.

They don’t have genders but on the basis of their energies and basic characteristics we distinguish them as male and female archangels. These archangels are available to everyone and they are able to be presence with many people at many locations at the same time.

The name Raphael means “God heals” or “God has healed” and is derived from the Hebrew word “Rapha” which means ‘ a doctor’ or ‘a healer’. Raphael happens to be one of the most powerful of healers; one who heals physical beings, both humans and animals.

Such is his benign hold on all that he surveys that it is customary for healers and those seeking from to call him for protection for additional help while being healed; and, he has the grace to oblige.

Also, known as a “Defender of the Element of Air and of the East” he is the custodian of the Tree of Life and of vast Healing Powers. He helps you heal your mind, thoughts, body, spirit and soul. All those suffering from addictions and other negative afflictions derive beneficial results on asking Archangel Raphael for assistance and mercy.

Archangels, therefore, have different specializations and streams; Raphael rules over the Health and Healing niche.

Each Archangel has specific qualities that distinguish their characteristics and their specific angelic responsibilities.  Archangel Raphael’s realm of angelic expertise resides within Health & Healing.

Raphael mends all aspects of our health and leads us to attain the natural state with which we are blessed naturally; he responds to all calls for providing relief in all cases of wounds and injuries, imbalances and ailments and suffering to the body, soul or spirit that may be afflicting us.

Archangel Raphael provides his guidance and care to all in the realm of health and healing including animals in his angelic capacity as a mentor angel; doctors, scholars, healthcare workers and students are lead down the sublime path by proper enunciations through his enlightened guidance.

This is in conformity of to the laws Free Will and paying heed to our pleas and invitations our specific needs will be tended and rejuvenated. None of our desired goals are out of his powerful healing hold; he restores and repairs all aspects of our emotional and physical being to their prime state.

Whenever we call out from our innermost core, Raphael will undeniably bless us with his angelic presence and lead us down the path of positive thinking, healthy eating and ensure that we are following the righteous path to proper natural health; even our sleeping habits, regimen of exercises and other acts that restore and rejuvenate our whole being are taken care of.

No addiction of craving is beyond his loving and he heals and supports all efforts in energetic hygiene; he himself lends sublime healing energy, clears energy imbalances, Chakras and your aura.

Archangel Raphael is an Angelic envoy of the Supreme Being with his guiding, restoring and protecting prowess while also releasing spirits and clearing our being and surroundings from detrimental thoughts and energy.

The color of his awesome relaxing energy is green.


October 24th is celebrated as the feast of this divine Archangel who is one of the seven who stand before God. The book of Tobias is an authoritative document of Archangel Raphael who accompanied Tobias on his travels; that is why travelers seek his divine umbrella of protection before embarking on a journey.

  • The angel who stirred the sheep’s pond at Bethesda was none other than Archangel Raphael,
  • He cured the blindness of Tobias’ father by preparing a balm from fish,
  • He relieved Abraham of the pain of circumcision,
  • The dislocated knee of Jacob was reset by him.

No wonder he earned the titles of Angel of the Sun and Regent. His personality was very sociable and he possessed a happy visage and a wonderful sense of humor.

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels


Angels are the light being which helps us in our all areas of life. Since birth every human being has minimum 2 guardian angels with them, they are like our parents in the spiritual / angelic world. They are always around, they are always ready to help us and guide us. But to get their help and support we need to call them. None of the angels interfere in our lives until and unless we allow them or we seek their help in our lives. We need to call them or evoke them. (more…)

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