Kundalini and Sexuality – Is Sexuality a Part of Spiritual Journey?

Kundalini and Sexuality – Is Sexuality a Part of Spiritual Journey?

This is a very interesting topic for discussion. Since ages “SEX” has always been  considered as a  “TABOO”. Even though this is one of the most integral part of human existence, yet our elders and society as a whole, shy away from speaking openly about this phase of our life. The ironical part is that  “Everybody is running behind sex but nobody wants to talk about it”. I fail to understand why everyone treats this divine energy as a Taboo. This energy is so divine and powerful, that with its explosion, a soul manifests into the physical realm. So, if it has the power to create such a beautiful life, then how can it be a Taboo?

Since ages, Yogi’s and sages are working on these energies and they have realised and accepted the fact that if this energy is handled properly, it can produce amazing results. Moreover, our body is a combination of Masculine and Feminine energy and “Feminine energy” is considered as the “Sexual energy”. This feminine energy is the real and complete version of “Lord Shiva”, so “it means that this sexual energy is Shiva only and He cannot be a Taboo”.

Kundalini is all about “Sexuality”. Whenever we are in an intimate relationship with our partner/soulmate/twin flame/spiritual partner, our Kundalini becomes active and volatile and at the peak of  our arousal, if any one of the partner knows about “Kundalini Tantra”, then he / she can manifest anything in this universe. Because, it is during the intimate act of love making that goddess takes her powerful form, which has the capacity to manifest anything. “Kundalini is the shakti/power that helps us in our spiritual journey”. The power of this energy transforms mere biological primitive instincts into the highest form of liberation and helps every soul to transcend.

So many couples have experienced a complete awakening and rising of their Kundalini Shakti during these intimate moments only. “Yes, sexuality is definitely a part of our spiritual growth”; this is a part and parcel of every existent active life – humans, animals or birds; nobody can survive and grow without this energy. It is really important to satisfy / channelize this divine energy. This energy gives us experiences of some blissful moments in our life. But generally, instead of channelizing this energy for our spiritual progress,  we tend to suppress it and this creates a lot of emotional, mental and physical disorders.

Kundalini resides at the Mooladhar / Root chakra, located at the base of the spine  and when it starts rising, it first encounters the Sacral chakra,  which is the Sexual centre of our energy and physical system. So if Kundalini has to rise, it has to pass through this gateway.

For the understanding of those people who are not so spiritually inclined, Kundalini awakening through sexuality may be termed as a very scientific phenomenon.  Apart from the bones present in our body, our brain and semen contain maximum amount of phosphorous, which is one of the most critical  chemical  required to become “Enlightened” or “Kundalini awakening”. During the intimacy moments of making love, which acts as one of the most powerful stimulant of the nervous system, this chemical energy rises up the spine through the central nervous systems (also referred to as Kundalini) into our brains. The phosphorous rich energy, when healthily distributed into the blood stream, helps us in awakening all our senses and this can be very electrifying.

People often justify their notions for considering sexual energy as a Taboo or that the energy needs to be controlled as the general belief that follows is that  a person could easily deviate  from his/ her spiritual path for it takes a form of lust and hence the desire for it to be controlled.

As far as I understand, this principle is applicable in every case, for example  if we do not handle money in a correct way,  a person may easily fall prey to  gambling,  drugs, alcohol etc. as , “Money is also an energy”; If we do not handle success in a correct manner,  a person may easily become over-confident and egoistic, “Success is also an energy”, so the principle of proper channeling and controlling is applicable to everything.

Then why should we treat only sexuality as a Taboo? If handled properly, why only Sexuality alone, even Money and Success can elevate us in enhancing our spiritual journey. Everything is, after all in our mind. It’s the mind projection at play.

Brahmnaad – Sound of the Universe

Brahmnaad – Sound of the Universe

The essence of the universe is energy, frequency and vibrations. The Vedas  state that the making of the infinite Spirit (Shiva) was through a reverberating sound energy of the consciousness called the Naad. This sound was “unstruck”,  which means that it was produced without any two things striking against one  another,  that is,  without friction. Another legend advocates that  years after the Big Bang, the universe started singing when Shiva played his damru (drum)  the first time. Vast sound waves expanded through the primitive cosmos, and the tremors which arose then, can still be felt today. Naad or cosmic sound has also been described in the Bible, wherein, according to St. John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. Buddhism has its own version of  ‘Naad’ as ‘a flaming sound’ and  in Islam it is ‘a Kalma’.

In order to understand the importance of Naad, the best way is to look closely at ourselves.  As we breathe, the vital wind called ‘Pran’ passes through our nostrils into our body, pulsates and vibrates in the form of heart beat and speaks as it passes through the wind pipe/throat. The speech, hence produced is the ability and the power of Pran to generate sound at the micro level of our existence. But at the macro level, the Pran termed as ‘Transcendental Pran’, is responsible for the speech of the Supreme Conscious and is called as ‘Brahmnaad’ (Brahm = Br + Ahm = “Br” means to say or to grow/expand, “ahm” is the Supreme Vibration and Nada is sound), generally known to all as the sound of God. Like all sound waves, the Brahmnaad also needs a medium to travel – ‘ether’, which is an enormous ocean of sound waves.  While travelling through the ether, the Naad produces vibrations, therefore it becomes the primary source of ‘vibratory energy’.  The vibrations give rise to the second component called the ‘wind’ and the dormant energy that is present in these vibrations is responsible for the generation of ‘light’. The ‘Naad’ is indeed the most important link between Brahm and the Pran of an individual and all the countless powers of creation have their origin in and work through this ‘Naad’.

Brahmnaad is like a music played by the supreme consciousness. When the spiritual practitioners such as yogis are able to hear this cosmic sound, which vibrates as the cosmic waves in the form of the word OM (AUM) or SOHAM and when they realise that the Naad is actually coming from their own heart as a subtle vibration and getting enhanced by the compatible electromagnetic waves generated by their own  brains, it is then only that they are able to establish a direct link between themselves and the Supreme Brahm. The Naad, therefore, is the actual Reality that exists,  but since it is so subtle that it requires a proper training and a discerning student to catch its frequencies. A beginner of spiritual science can still hear this cosmic Naad by closing one’s ears and internally hear the roaring sound of the blood flowing throughout the physical body. Some have also named it as the ‘Sound of Silence’.

The Hanso-panishad of Shukla Yajur Veda has precisely described the different types of sounds radiating out of Brahmnaad from low to high frequency and the different types of emotional feelings the body experiences in terms of reflexes as a result, depending upon the spiritual progress of the aspirant  –

  • Clinking of bracelets – this first sound creates a tickling sensation
  • Tinkling of anklets – creates stiff muscles leading to spasms
  • Clanging sound of a gong hitting a brass bell – leads to perspiration from the body
  • Sharp blowing of a conch shell – creates tremors in the head
  • Playing of stringed musical instrument (e.g., lute, harp, guitar) – creates saliva to dribble out of the mouth
  • The clap or clunking sound of cymbals – causes ‘a rain of Amrit’ ( tears of bliss)
  • Sound of a flute – blesses the aspirant  with the most secret knowledge
  • Beating of tumbrels – facilitates the aspirant to speak in a mystical language.
  • Sound of drums – gives the aspirant mystical and divine powers of insight and vision.
  • Thundering of cloud – allows to acquire the inspirational and varied knowledge related to the Supreme Brahm.

The spiritual aspirant completes the journey of his Atman (soul) by tuning into the correct frequency of the Naad vibration originating from his heart and brain. This explains how and why the yogis have mystical power to leave their bodies and wander around in the spirit (astral roaming) and then come back to rejoin their bodies. This also explains the phenomenon of rebirth in the form and spot which matches the individual’s frequency with that of the cosmos at the time of his one life time death.

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