Have you find your Soul Mate?

Have you find your Soul Mate?

We humans are a social animal with an intelligent thinking brain, feelings which are both spiritual and physical and a will that lets us perform actions and take decisions according to our whims, fancies and requirements.

But, in spite of all our claims of superiority over the animals, the elements, flora, fauna etc, there are certain areas in which we find ourselves helpless and inadequate.

One particular facet of our mortal existence is that we are very possessive and attach great significance of our worldly possessions and relationships which we cherish thoroughly.

As far as material possessions are concerned beautiful, costly and rare things attract us and we can own them but all the riches of this world cannot find you a soul mate, a true companion. And, come to think of it, it does not cost anything to find one; just what has been pre-ordained.

Learned people call it your spiritual half and declare that it is something planned and decided prior to our birth; a presence which you can consider to be closest to your heart, body and spirit or a combination of these aspects.

But, your intended soul mate may not be waiting with arms open and a wide smile, also it’s mandatory that our life partners are our true soul mates; they might be our Karmic accounts also. During my spiritual journey I have seen so many couples who are together but they are not their soul mates.

So, what are the signs and symptoms of a soul mate? I would say that this cannot have any prescribed multiple-choice answer. Only time and tide can be the judge, jury and executioner of this dilemma.

The relationship is quite straightforward and proceeds smoothly but not always. Some of these relationships can be utterly tempestuous and full of varying emotions ranging from disdain to outright loathing and hate.

Let us not just beat around the bush and analyze objectively the traits of a real soul mate. We have agreed that soulmates provide happiness, help, spiritual enhancement, harmony and satisfaction to the other half. They encourage and support the other in becoming a better and balanced person.

The intention is always to augment the strengths and cover for the weaknesses in your soulmate. The beginnings of a soulmate relationship are quite confrontationist at times with scorn thrown in for good measure.

The general attributes of a true soulmate normally manifest themselves as honest, straightforward, sincere, mostly offensive and sometimes hurting with their candidness. Thus, they prove that true friendship never ruins smoothly.

In the famous words of Jerry McGuire, “They make each other complete.”

You may harbor a million images of all that is good and compatible but those fantasies take wings when you find that special soul, who may be totally different than what you thought was what you wanted.

So, if you are brave enough to move away from your romance checklist, open your eyes and your heart to unexpected possibilities, you might just be one of the lucky ones who find their true soul match. You will suddenly be hit by a railroad that derails all those fancy, romantic visions that you had created.

Sometimes the realization takes decades to come while, in some unfortunate cases, they just pass by. Unfortunate are those that do not find their soulmate but much more unfortunate are those who do not realize on time that here is my soulmate.

Some symptoms that you’ve found your soulmate when:

  • You vibrate at the frequency of other person
  • You feel comfortable and peaceful with someone,
  • You think alike but compromise on disputed issues.
  • You miss each other at every occasion of separation.
  • You anticipate and intercept the thoughts and actions of the other person.
  • The other person’s pain is discernible to you;
  • Nothing much needs to be said or communicated.
  • You know their faults but accommodate them unconditionally.
  • You don’t feel jealous.
  • You avoid being unpleasant.
  • You are prepared to apologize.
  • Being together is the ultimate experience you need.
  • You retract from an argument just to please.
  • You keep reiterating your love not only by saying it; your actions also confirm your love.

Between soulmates there is only love, unconditional love, without expecting anything from your spiritual companion. The purpose of Soul mate relation is to just give. This is a beautiful relationship that a human experience in his or her life, provided you should get and recognized your true soul mate. Almost everyone has a soulmate, whether they know it or not; or, whether they acknowledge it or not.

Life becomes more beautiful when you get your divine companion. As I said earlier it’s not mandatory that your life partner is your soul mate, soul mates enter in our life in different forms, may be as a friend, guide, mentor, guru or as a lover. Be open to receive the love from universe.

“I open my arms

I open my mind

I open myself

I open my body

I open my chakras

I open my spirituality

I open my soul

I open myself completely

To accept Divine Love from Universe”

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The Amazing Power of Gratitude!

The Amazing Power of Gratitude!

Gratitude is the enjoyment of life in the true sense because it shows the positive feelings you have towards others and for the graciousness of all those people around you who have been responsible to make you what you are, make your conditions what they are and who lead you to the realization of the supreme truth of your life, your existence and your sense of fulfillment.

It also reveals the trend of your life which, for all of us, is full of good things and bad but the moment you speak of gratitude, it denotes that there is a majority of good things that you may consider yourself lucky and grateful for. That things are not going contrary to what one would aspire for.

There are bound to be ups and downs in anyone’s life but sometimes, when some plus points emerge from certain unpleasant, even terrifying situations, you may express gratitude for reasons of being in a better situation than the others in a relative sense.

The feeling of gratitude is a vast source of happiness, contentment and relief too particularly when they are sincere; in such a situation, the gratitude which you exude conveys the state of well-being wherein you resonates a vibration of your energy and conveys a serene feeling of harmony interlaced with an underlying sense of contentment and is almost like heavenly bliss which emanates from a sense of accomplishment.

The normal response of a realistic person is that the present situation might have proved more detrimental than what you eventually ended up with; hence, the power of gratitude blesses, you with a relative magnanimity, relief and gratitude.

Gratitude unlocks a vastly potent force full of energy which binds relationships with its sheer power of goodwill and may sometimes lead to improvements in your health through the love it radiates. It is also known to have properties of healing.

The research done by the scientific community led by some renowned scientists reveals that claims of gratitude, fulfillment and happiness have resulted in more goodwill, better mental balance and superior health as compared to those who do not bear gratitude and goodwill towards others.

The power of gratitude is such that it increases all the good vibes, brings warmth in relationships and provides a better response between people. It is a fine feeling with:

  • A greater optimism about the future,
  • Reduced frequency of sicknesses,
  • Improve sleeping and relaxation patterns,
  • Increased interest and ambitions in life,
  • Increased willingness to do more exercise, and
  • Better attempts at efforts which might have been dismissed earlier.

These opinions have been supported and enunciated by all denominations of philosophers, scholars, religious and ethnic leaders; however, the only impediments might arise from unrealistic and unachievable materialistic pursuits after which some people hanker.

Gratitude means that you treasure and cherish what you have been provided, whether through your efforts or with the help of those around you, and try to consolidate it to achieve higher fulfillment and happiness; craving or trying too much for higher materialistic gains may mar that happiness and euphoria.

Everything that you require needs to be planned while enjoying the fruits of your current happy position. King Midas is a classic example of those who faltered in spite of having all the precious things that a person could need to ensure his happiness.

Since times immemorial, men of wisdom have always preached that it is always practical to try reasonably for higher levels of happiness only with a sense of contentment and control.

Golden rule is “Be Grateful and Be Content”

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Shiva – The Destroyer !

Shiva – The Destroyer !

Shiva, the destroyer, inspires with the sheer magnetism and dynamism of his personality; he strikes fear among the most powerful since he is “Mahadeva”, the greatest of gods and the “auspicious one”. But, the destruction was not of any innocent subjects, it was the destruction of all that is evil, whether physical or spiritual.

He stayed in an absolute wilderness and sat for meditation in total isolation; this does not imply that he was bereft of compassion and humanly wants and desires. This is displayed by the fact that he was maintaining all his earthly duties towards his family and the community of gods.

Anyone who dared to disturb him in his meditation would face his deadly anger. One of his main weapons was his third eye which, when opened, would reduce to ashes anyone or anything onto which the third eye was directed.

In Hindu mythology he is symbolized as Destroyer also known as “MAHESH”. The power of Shiva is beyond words and imagination.

The First family

Shiva, while himself being the “destroyer”, is also the head of one of the most powerful families seen in Hindu Mythology.

His consort is Parvati, who is power personified, hence referred to as “Shakti”, the goddess of power and divine strength in her fiery role; she displays the gentler attributes in her role as the goddess of love, virtue and fertility.

The belief about the couple is that Shiva is Shava (corpse) if separated from Parvati; she was she so dynamic and explosive that it was only Shiva who could confront her and keep her under control and she was the one who due to the extreme power of her penance could confront Shiva the all powerful destroyer in chief.

The fantastic and powerful Mahadeva was so volatile with his nature that anybody who earned his wrath would be decimated; but the powerful Parvati not only disturbed and stopped him from meditating but she managed to impress and lure him to such an extent that he was helpless in the face of her charms.

And, that’s not all; Shiva was so bewitched by her divine charms that he immersed himself in the amorous pursuits and transformed himself to lead a domesticated life; thus, Shiva’s fiery personality succumbed to the feminine charms of Shakti and made him a homely person.

Shiva and Shakti merged to become Shankar and Parvati and produced two sons and two daughters; the two sons were Ganesha and Karthikeya while the daughters were Ashok Sundari and Mansa Devi. None of their children were a clearcut result of the physical consummation of their sexual union.

The creator, Lord Shiva is respected and dreaded in the same breath; he is believed to be beyond all rules and beliefs since he is the creator of Yoga and Yogis and of spiritual education and Tantra. He is the one responsible for teaching the art of the merger of the matter and spirit. Thus, he is not biased to either spirit or matter and is above harboring prejudices or morality.

His symbol is also about procreation; it is seen depicting an erect phallus upon a female genital which is also about creation. The combined energies of the male and the female are required to make this world whole.

That is why he assumes the form of Ardha-Narishwar which has a half male representing Shiva and another half, the female one representing Parvati, his consort. The concept of half male and half female is also said to be the state where your Kundalini Shakti awakens and unites with her lord Sadashiv after reaching the crown where he resides.

He is the only god referred to as Mahadev, and his birthday is celebrated as Mahashivratri, such is his standing among the deities and followers. He does not preach aloofness; rather he advocates noble thinking while leading a life of pure thoughts and actions without harboring prejudices, ego, lust, hate and malice. Some schools of thought refer to Mahashivratri as the night of the conjugal union of Shiva and Parvati.

Hanuman, the mighty son of Vayu (wind) or of Anjana or Kesari, was also believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is stated that while distributing amrit to the gods, Shiva happened to espy Mohini, the transformed form of Lord Vishnu. The virile god ejaculated but the sperms were collected by some saptarishis and poured through the ears into the womb of Anjani, the wife of the king of monkeys Kesari. This led to the conception of veer Hanuman.

As per Hindu mythology Shiva is the supreme power of this universe, he is the starting and the end point of this universe. To seek the blessings of Mahadev, do the chanting of this mantra for atleast 1008 times in a day.

                                                             “OM NAMAH SHIVAY”


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Crystal Angelite! Connection with Higher Realm

Crystal Angelite! Connection with Higher Realm

Angelite is 2nd crystal of our series and it is one of my favourite crystals. This is one of the best crystals for establishing contact with Angels and Archangels. The energy of this crystal is extra ordinary and this can be placed in angelic alter also while doing angelic invocations. It is Blue in color and has soothing energies. Best quality Angelite comes from Britain, Egypt, Poland and Libya.

Angelite is one of the “stones of awareness” for the New Age. It also helps in enhancing telepathy, activating ear chakras and enables out-of-body journeys.

Energies of Angelite are very compassionate and soft, and have a very calming and comforting action. Healing effect of angelite is very good and it is a powerful stone for healers because it deepens attunement and heightens perception. It helps in unblocking the meridians and energy pathways.

It resonates with the throat chakra. This soothing angelic stone repairs tissue and blood vessels, balancing the fluids within the physical body, and can act as a diuretic. It is useful in weight control, and relates particularly to the lungs and arms. Angelite also helps in dealing with sunburn, the cooling effect of this blue crystal helps in settling the effect of sunburn.

Angelite helps you to speak your truth. It also helps you to be more compassionate and accepting, especially of that which cannot be changed.

Spiritually, Angelite not only helps in establishing connection with angels and archangels it also helps in accessing the energies of higher realm. With the help of this crystal you can contact your departed loved ones also. It creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquillity. It helps connect to universal knowledge and raises awareness.

Angelite is formed from Celestite that has been compressed over millions of years, and it shares many properties with that stone.

To invoke Archangel Chamuel, Jophiel and Jermiel charge this crystal with rose water, rose petals and with essence.

Angelite_Reiki Paradise

Angelic Rituals! Instant access to untouched treasure

Angelic Rituals! Instant access to untouched treasure

Man is a very interesting creation of god; he is blessed with some awesome faculties and some he has to practice. Both inherent capabilities and acquired ones can also be improved through hard work and disciplined training.

These latent energies and powers are derived through some sacred rituals most of which have to be learn painstakingly under the watchful eye of a trained master. Some of the most important rituals are connected to Angels who are supposed to be around us all the time; they are here to help the human race with some problems which need the help of these heavenly messengers of god.

Rituals for invoking angels have caught the fancy of people and more interest is being shown. They function as per cosmic laws and require us to pay obeisance and call on them to come to our assistance. Until & unless we don’t call them they will not be able to help us as they are bound with the universal law of “FREE WILL”.

While they intercede on our behalf, they are known to be the carriers of divine love; their powers enable them to be present at multiple locations simultaneously. For any invocation it is necessary to have complete unquestionable faith and to follow all requirements as stipulated. There are so many ways to perform angelic ritual; here we will discuss some very easy methods to invoke these divine light beings.

Candles in Angel Rituals

Angels gets attracted towards candles also lighting a candle during prayer or magic serves as a physical representation of the spiritual effort being put forth during the ritual of our choosing. Every candle color has specific purpose.

It is normally placed on a saucer during rituals. It can be lighted and extinguished daily and when discarded, it should be buried. Sigils are also a common feature during rituals because they are potent tools for use during angelic rituals or you can create an angelic alter by placing some crystal angels, sigils, your wish paper, apple and a chocolate. You can add or delete items from this alter. It’s all depends upon your divine guidance. Just follow your intuitions and have utmost faith on the invocation.

Some of the most commonly used colored candles are

RED or PINK: – These colors should be used in case of attracting love and creating harmonized energies in relationships.

GREEN: – Green should be used in rituals for attracting abundance of money, good fortune and healings.

BLUE: – This color should be used in rituals for enhancing psychic powers and activating throat chakra.

PURPLE: – Purple candles are used in rituals to obtain power over negative circumstances, personal power and spiritual obtainment.

WHITE: – White candles are universal candles and can be used for any purpose. If you are not able to find colored candles than you can use white also.

BLACK: – These candles are used in case of attracting darker energies or spirits or performing rituals related to black magic. Though BLACK color candles are not used in case of Angelic rituals.

Petitioning the angels

This is the most commonly followed way of requesting the angels to be benevolent and assist the petitioner in achieving his desires. There should be no misgivings in your heart as to the powers of the angels; they are in possession of miraculous powers including appearing at different places simultaneously.

There are Archangels who are senior to the angels and carry divine powers of a higher level than the angels. There are seven recognized archangels who are associated with the seven traditional planets. Even days of the week are allotted to them.

These angels are referred to as assisting angels and they find mention in the oldest scriptures of Christian and Jewish faiths.

The purposes for invoking the angels are:

  • Physical and Spiritual protection,
  • Healing of mind, body and soul,
  • Resolution of love affairs, and
  • Wisdom, joy and guidance.

The petition

The petitions to the angels are also done at prescribed times either in the morning or evening and the first thing that has to be done is to decide the purpose for which the ritual is required to be performed. When that is decided, the Archangel to be petitioned will have to be decided.

Preparation of body, mind and spirit is necessary; therefore:

  • Decide the mode of petition i.e. through a handwritten letter in an envelope or through personal prayer,
  • Have a bath or wash your face, feet and hands,
  • Fast for the day or sleep on an empty stomach,
  • The day may be chosen according to the chart but there is no compulsion,
  • A cloth may be spread in a clean area; candles, incense sticks and if required, a statue might be installed,
  • The candles should preferably reflect the color of the angel.

Ask and Forget is the main rule of getting faster results. Lust of getting results generates negative energies and these energies create a hindrance in getting results. So be relax and just focus on the angelic presence.

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